763 A Little Thank You

    "That's right. Chief Gong and Elder Gong aren't too bad. But poor Little Liu, he's still bedridden. I heard that his internal injuries are very serious and he is in a lot of pain. After three days of recuperation and he is still unable to get out of bed."

    "He is silly to go just because Chief said to go. Didn't he see that no one else went? It's not out of the ordinary for Elder Gong to go, after all he is Chief's uncle, so he will go anyway. Little Liu is just a Golden Core foundation stage cultivator, why would he go along? He's just asking for it."

    As they were talking, another Nascent Soul elder head and walked over: "What are you chatting about over here? Have you not got any work to do?"

    The few people lowered their heads and walked away when they saw the Nascent Soul elder. As they were leaving, they saw the Black Market porter rush into the Chief's quarters inba rush.

    "Why is the porter not at the front of the Black Market? Why has he come running back here?"

    "He looked like he was in a hurry. I wonder what has happened?"

    "I will go and find out." One of the cultivators said and left.

    After a short while, the porter came back out and went to the front of the Black Market and came back again. This time, he had Guan Xilin with him and led him to the big hall. Chief Gong and Elder Gong both arrived at the big hall at the same time.

    The cultivator who had gone to find out what happened came running back and said: "It seems like he was sent by the Ghost Doctor to extend her gratitude. They're in the big hall now! Chief Gong and Elder Gong are both there. I heard that that man is the Ghost Doctor's sworn brother."

    When they heard this, everyone's expression changed, even that Nascent Soul elder couldn't keep still and marched towards the big hall. Seeing this, everyone else followed him.

    In the big hall, Chief Gong ordered tea to be served. He smiled at Guan Xilin and said: "How are the Ghost Doctor's injuries? Is she better?"

    "She has recovered very well from her injuries and has been able to get out of bed the past couple of days to walk about. She has been thinking about the help the three of you provided. She felt much better today and has asked me to come to visit you. By the way, where is the third person from the other day?"

    Guan Xilin looked questioningly at the two men and asked: "Are his injuries more serious?"

    Chief Gong was about to speak when he saw the group of people and the Nascent Soul cultivator enter the big hall. He smiled and said to them: "This is Guan Xilin, Master Guan."

    He then said to Guan Xilin with a smile: "This is the other Nascent Soul elder in the Black Market, his surname is Li."

    Guan Xilin stood up and bowed to the Nascent Soul cultivator and said: "My pleasure."

    "Hehe, Master Guan please sit down." The Nascent Soul elder gestured and sat down himself as he continued to look at Guan Xilin. He guessed that Guan Xilin must have brought gifts on behalf of the Ghost Doctor. But what did he bring?

    Chief Gong stared deeply at Elder Li before he spoke to Guan Xiilin: "The other man's surname is Liu, we call him Little Liu. Because he is only a Golden Core cultivator, his injuries are more serious. Even though he has taken medicine, but he is still unable to get out of bed."

    "I see."

    He nodded and said: "It doesn't matter, my younger sister guessed that the three of you might have sustained serious internal injuries. Therefore, she sent me with medicine to treat internal injuries."

    "Oh, the Ghost Doctor is so thoughtful. I think that Chief Gong, Elder Gong and Little Liu will be extremely grateful." Elder Li said with a laugh, but he was clearly gloating.

    His expression seemed to say, look you risked your life and this is the little thanks that you get.
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