764 This here is Your Thank You Gif

    When he heard that, Guan Xilin glanced at Elder Li as he understood what he was insinuating.

    Chief Gong and Elder Gong looked at Elder Li, then smiled and said to Guan Xilin: "Thank the Ghost Doctor for her concern. We are deeply moved that the Ghost Doctor thought of our welfare even though she hasn't fully recovered."

    Even though those words seemed like they were spoken out of politeness, but they had meant every word from the bottom of their hearts. Firstly, they had gone to save the Ghost Doctor because she was a Black Order Level Holder and part of the Black Market. If her life was in danger, they couldn't stand by and do nothing.

    Secondly, it was because they wanted to develop an even closer relationship with the Ghost Doctor. After all, such a person like her wouldn't have given them a second thought under normal circumstances. However, if they tried to save her, they would definitely make a deep impression.

    Especially after they had witnessed how she single handedly defeated a Nascent Soul cultivator, they knew that their decision that day was the correct one.

    Therefore, they hadn't expected to receive any gifts from the Ghost Doctor. Without expectations, there would be no disappointments. When they heard that the Ghost Doctor was worried about them and had sent Guan Xilin with medicine, they were extremely grateful and overjoyed.

    The Ghost Doctor's medicine, even just a simple one, was worth a lot of money, least to say medicine to heal internal injuries. They had a lot of medicine for internal injuries in the Black Market, but none of them could compare the the Ghost Doctor's.

    "Chief, could you take me to see Senior Liu?" Guan Xilin took a sip of his tea and asked with a smile.

    "Of course, he is in the back courtyard." Chief Gong and Elder Gong stood up together and gestured for Guan Xilin to go with them. "Please."

    Guan Xilin stood up and nodded slightly at everyone else, then left with them.

    When he saw that they had left, Elder Li followed them. However, everyone else stayed behind. Their expressions full of contempt, however, they hadn't said anything and all took their leave.

    When they arrived at the back courtyard, Guan Xilin saw a man lying on the bed, his face was pale as a ghost. He helped him sit up immediately and reached in the space for the medicine.

    "Take this medicine that my sister has refined for internal injuries. In just half a day you will be healed by fifty percent. By tomorrow, you will be fully healed."

    The elder had recognised Guan Xilin, and seeing that Chief Gong and Elder Gong nodded their heads, he took the medicine and said to Guan Xilin: " Thank you."

    "I should be the one to say thank you. You knew that there were eight Golden Core cultivators and four Nascent Soul cultivators, and yet you still risked your lives to save my sister."

    He smiled and stood up, then bowed at Chief Gong, Elder Gong and the three people who were sat by the bedside: "Thank you for your help."

    "To be honest, we weren't of much help." Elder Gong chuckled.

    Guan Xilin gave the medicine for internal injuries to the two men and said: "Please take this medicine in case of future needs. It can save your life in case of a critical situation."

    "Okay, please pass our thanks to the Ghost Doctor." As the two men smiled, they couldn't help but notice his strange smile.

    "The medicine for internal injuries is not the gift my younger sister is giving you. Your thank you gift is here." Guan Xilin took out three bottles of medicinal pills.

    The three men looked at the bottles of pills and didn't know how to react, they just asked: "This is....."
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