765 Help You Advance

    "This bottle is for Chief Gong, with your level being at Golden Core peak cultivator, once you take this medicinal pill, it will help you break through to become a Nascent Soul cultivator."

    After Guan Xilin had finished speaking, Chief Gong's eyes were wide with shock and his body trembled with excitement: " This, this is, this can help me advance....."

    "That's right, you are the core members of the Black Market, naturally you know that people who have good relationships with my younger sister have all been gifted medicinal pills." He then put the bottle of pills into Chief Gong's palm.

    "Yes, of course we know. This is a priceless treasure! It is something that would be fought over. I didn't expect...... I didn't think that my dream of advancing into the Nascent Soul stage would finally be fulfilled......."

    The Chief was unable to contain his excitement. He had been stuck at the Golden Core main peak for goodness knows how long. After so many years, he was still unable to advance, so he thought that this was as far as he would go in this lifetime. Who knew, who knew...

    "This bottle is for Senior Liu."

    He handed the second bottle to the middle-aged man sat up in bed and said: "Senior, once your injuries have fully healed then take this medicinal pill. You are a Golden Core first stage cultivator, after you take this pill, it will help you advance to peak level."

    "I, I have some too?" The middle-aged man looked gratefully at Guan Xilin and asked: "Such a precious item, is it really for me?"

    Guan Xilin smiled and replied: "Of course, Senior, you went to save my younger sister's life under such circumstances, of course you would have a gift as well."

    He accepted the bottle of pills, his hands shook with excitement. He was in a daze for a good while from not being able to believe this was real.

    "Elder Gong, this is for you." He smiled as he handed over a bottle of medicinal pills: "My younger sister said that the pills won't be able to help you advance past Nascent Soul but it can help you attain peak level."

    "Good, great, that's fantastic!"

    He accepted the pills with both hands and continued speaking: "Nascent Soul peak cultivator. Even if I were to cultivate for another dozen or so years, I still wouldn't be able to reach it. Now I can reach main peak overnight with these pills, I am, I am..." He choked up with emotions at the end of his speech

    Nobody could have imagined that they would receive such gifts for going to save her life.

    "My younger sister is studying alchemy at the academy, so she will probably need your help in the future. Please do help her where you can." He said with a smile.

    "Of course, it is our honour to be able to help the Ghost Doctor."

    "I shall take my leave. He had turned around to leave but stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at the middle-aged man who was still sat up in bed in a daze, then said to Chief Gong and Elder Gong: "I hope no one in the Black Market will steal his medicinal pills."

    Upon hearing this, the cultivator who had been in a daze came to his senses and looked over at Guan Xilin, then Chief Gong and Elder Gong stunned.

    Chief Gong and Elder Gong knew that Little Liu was afraid that his medicinal pills would be stolen by someone else, so said seriously: "Master Guan, please be reassured that no such thing will happen under our watch."

    "What's the matter?"

    A voice suddenly could be heard. The few of them looked over and saw Elder Li walk in.
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