768 Envy And Regre

    "Oh so it's Young Master Feng. Young Master Feng, I am one of the elders here, surname is Li." He smiled, his attitude charming and continued: "When your elder brother visited last time, I was his host."

    Feng Jiu smiled and nodded: "Oh so it's Elder Li, my pleasure."

    Elder Li gestured to the steward with a wave of his hand and said: "You go back to the front. I will take Young Master Feng to see the Chief."

    "Yes." The steward replied and left. As he walked away, he wondered why Elder Li's attitude had suddenly changed.

    "Young Master Feng, please come inside." Elder Li gestured for her to go inside and he led the way.

    Feng Jiu followed him.

    "Young Master Feng, please sit down. I shall ask someone to call for Chief." He then instructed a guard to go and fetch the Chief and went inside to entertain her himself.

    Only heaven knows his regret. After Guan Xilin had brought the thank you gifts, in just a month, Chief had broke through his Golden Core peak level and advanced to Nascent Soul stage. That uncle of his had advanced to Nascent Soul peak level, and Little Liu went from the early stage of Golden Core to the Golden Core peak level.

    If he couldn't guess the reason behind these advancements, then he wouldn't be an elder in the Black Market.

    He thought of the Chief's advancement, his strength was now comparable to his. His uncle's strength was actually lower than his by one rank, and now he was above his by two ranks, a Nascent Soul peak cultivator.

    At their current level, they could ask to be transferred to an even higher level Black Market to take up a position there. Yet they have not left, it was obviously because of the Ghost Doctor.

    Although he had long heard that the Ghost Doctor's medicine was like rare treasure, however, if he hadn't witnessed it with his own eyes and saw the three men's advancement, he would not have such regret and envy.

    If he had known that there would be such a good benefit, he would have gone along with them that day. Who knew that staying behind would have no benefits.

    "Hehehe, Young Master Feng, what can we do to help you today? Go ahead and let me know, I will do everything I can to help you." Elder Li said with a smile.

    Feng Jiu smiled but hadn't said anything.

    When Chief Gong and Elder Gong heard the news from the guard that the Ghost Doctor had arrived, they were elated. They had gone straight to the big hall and heard Elder Li's words before they entered. They looked at each other and then walked inside.

    "We didn't know Young Master Feng was here, apologies for the late greetings."

    Chief Gong bowed with a smile and went over to sit down. He looked at Feng Jiu with gratitude and said: "I've been looking for an opportunity to thank you Young Master Feng but it is hard to see you. I finally have the opportunity today."

    Feng Jiu took a sip of her tea and smiled: "No need for thanks. I have come today to buy some spirit herbs and I wondered if Chief Gong would be able to find some for me."

    "What kind of spirit herbs is Young Master Feng after?"

    After Chief Gong asked the question, Feng Jiu took out a piece of paper from her sleeve and handed it to him. He looked at the names of the spirit herbs on the piece of paper and smiled as he replied: "I can get them, the herbs are not rare. However, the quantities are quite large, so I might need a bit more time. However Young Master Feng, don't worry, it will get done by sunset."
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