769 Spirit rhinoceros horn

    Feng Jiu nodded. She also inquired about those three's injuries and conditions.

    "Thanks to Young Master Feng, we have advanced in our strengths and we are fully recovered. Little Liu is away on assignment. If he knows that you are here, how excited he would be!" The chief said with a smile.

    Elder Gong also exchanged pleasantries with Feng Jiu with smiles wreathed on his face. Elder Li couldn't edge in any words. He sat there awkwardly.

    "Alright, I'll come back in the evening!" She got up, planning to take a stroll around the city.

    "Good, we're seeing Young Master Feng off." The chief and Elder Gong saw her off together.

    She went around the city and bought a lot of things. When she was planning to go to the Black Market, she saw a treasure pavilion not far ahead and went there.

    "Young Master, what's your order?" The shopkeeper asked with a smile, his eyes skimmed over Feng Jiu's azure robe. His sight fell on the feathers on his waist.

    Feng Jiu noticed the shopkeeper's line of sight, but she didn't care. After a turn, an object in a cabinet that looked like a sales counter caught her attention. She rapped the counter. "Show this to me."

    The shopkeeper took a look at the stuff inside the counter. "Alright, Young Master, please wait a moment." He took out the object from inside the cabinet and put it in a piece of cloth. "This is the spirit rhinoceros horn. There is just one left. Have a look, Young Master."

    Feng Jiu picked it up and nodded. "I want it."

    The shopkeepers' eyes beamed. "Our building has all kinds of things, especially on the 2nd floor. Treasures such as magic weapons are exhibited there. Young Master can go up and take a look if you're interested."

    She nodded and climbed up to the second floor. When she arrived, she saw an unfurled white robe. When she saw it, she inexplicably thought of Mo Chen's heavenly silkworm garment that she damaged while washing.

    After thinking about it, she pointed to the white robe. "I'd like that too."

    "Young Master, this is the heavenly silkworm garment. It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It's as light as feathers. This is the only one in our building." The shopkeeper explained and ordered his staff to take the robe and fold it downstairs.

    After another turn, she didn't see any more things that caught her eye. So, she asked the shopkeeper to settle the bills. After finished paying the bills, Feng Jiu also received some trinkets as gifts with the hope that she would come again next time.

    However, when she came downstairs, she saw two men and a woman talking, surrounding a young attendant. When the young attendant saw the shopkeeper coming down, he hurriedly walked up to him. "Shopkeeper, this girl said that she had seen this heavenly silkworm garment first and she would not let me wrap it."

    The shopkeeper looked at those three people but he didn't recognize the men on the back. He knew the woman, so he greeted her with a smile, "It turned out to be Miss He."

    "Shopkeeper, I've taken a fancy to that heavenly silkworm garment before. I didn't bring enough money so I returned home to get it. How can you turn around and sell it to others?" The woman stared angrily at the shopkeeper.

    "Haha, Miss He, please quell your anger. Miss He didn't tell me to reserve it nor pay the deposit. Naturally, I don't know that Miss He wanted it. It just happened that this Young Master was also interested in it."

    "Then, has he paid for it?"

    "He has paid." The shopkeeper answered with a smile. He walked up, personally wrapped the clothes, and handed them to Feng Jiu together with the spirit rhinoceros horn.

    Feng Jiu smiled. When she was about to pick the goods, the woman put her hands on her.

    When Feng Jiu saw the woman's hand on the back of her hand, she smiled, "Miss, men and women should not act too familiar with each other."
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