770 He’s not a man to be trifled with

    Being reprimanded in this way, the woman just seemed to notice that her hand was on the young man's hand and immediately pulled back. Looking at Feng Jiu, she asked, "Sell this to me! I already had my eyes on it since this morning. "

    "I'm sorry. I'm going to give it as a present, not for sale." She smiled and put the things away.

    At the same time, the two men who had not opened their mouths from the beginning sized Feng Jiu up in silence. When they saw her wearing the Nebula academy's uniform and the rainbow-coloured glazed feather on her waist, their eyes jerked slightly. When the woman wanted to speak, one of the men stopped her.

    "Little sister, since it's the young man who bought it, we need not make a fuss about a piece of clothing."

    Feng Jiu glanced at that man, smiled, and stepped out to leave. However, he was called in again.

    "Young Master, please stay here." The man stepped forward and cupped his fists in greeting. "May I venture to ask, are you Feng Jiu from the Alchemy division?"

    "It seems that I'm not acquainted with you, Sir." Feng Jiu answered after taking a look at him.

    "Haha, Young Master doesn't know me, but I've heard of your distinguished name. As a new student, not only you are the influential figure among all the new students but you have also surpassed the academy's top ten most powerful students. I've always wanted to make friends with you but never had the chance. Can I invite you for a drink in the restaurant in front?"

    After, he seemed to recall something. "I forgot to introduce myself. My surname is He, the son of He Clan, one of the eight great families in Nebula City."

    "I can't, I have other things to do, so I can't stay any longer." She waved her hand while responding to his invitation. As she took a step away, the woman blocked her angrily.

    "Why don't you know what's good for you? My brother wants to invite you as a show of respect. You... " She glared at him, but when she looked at the young man's deep and serene, bottomless eyes, she couldn't scold her anymore.

    "Miss, please give way." Feng Jiu's voice, even though gentle was indifferent. Her lips formed a smile. However, the smile didn't reach the bottom of her eyes.

    The man pulled the woman aside. "Little sister, don't be rude."

    He reprimanded her in a low voice. When he was about to say something, he saw that Feng Jiu had strode away. In a moment, she disappeared into the crowd.

    "Big Brother, why are you so polite? That man really failed to appreciate your kindness. Besides, he bought my heavenly silkworm garment. " She stamped her feet in resentment.

    The man on the other side was also the son of the eight influential clans. At this time, he stepped forward and told the woman, "This man is not simple. Even if we don't have a good relationship with him, he's not a man to be trifled with."

    "I didn't see how he's not simple." The woman remarked with her lips curled in a sneer.

    "Two months ago, Nebula academy' headmaster and teachers went to rescue this man, Feng Jiu, riding on their flying swords. From the investigation, only his family background, from a ninth-grade country, was found out. However, other trails were cut off. In a word, it's better not to offend this person." The man took the lead in walking out.

    "Did you hear me? If you meet him afterwards, stay away from him. " The man surnamed He instructed her and then followed the man in front to depart from there.

    "Humph!" The woman stomped her feet again and snorted. She glared back at the shopkeeper standing by and dashed to follow the men ahead of her.

    After they left, the shopkeeper smiled and took a glimpse in the direction of Feng Jiu's departure. Then he returned to bustle about.
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