771 Like the sun in broad dayligh

    When she arrived at the Black Market, the Chief and Elder Gong were already waiting there. Elder Li was also together with them. When she saw Elder Li, Feng Jiu wanted to laugh.

    Although she knew that her potion was the treasure that cultivators striving for, she did not expect that Elder Li, who had lived for a large number of years, also clung to it.

    She had the potion, but she wouldn't give it to others casually. It was impossible for him to crave for her things.

    "Young Master Feng, everything you asked for is ready. It's all in here." "The Chief handed her an interspatial ring.

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows. This is a space magic artifact."

    "Haha, this small thing is for Young Master Feng to play with." Compared to her helping them advance, this interspatial ring was really not worth mentioning.

    Feng Jiu nodded. "Alright, then I will take it. Let's settle the account!"

    Then, the Chief took her to check-out at the back. Since these were the things she asked for, the spirit herbs' price was much lower than the price outside. It was given as some kind of reimbursement for her.

    If he could give this kind of small favour, he would give it easily.

    "Young Master Feng, I've prepared a feast for you. I'd like to invite you to have a meal."

    "I can't, it's getting late. I have to go back before dark. Next time! Even if you don't treat me next time, I'll be the one inviting you for a meal. " She smiled, gathered up her things and left.

    Seeing this, the Chief and Elder Gong didn't urge her to stay. They just nodded in response and saw her off at the Black Market's gate. Elder Li wanted to speak several times, but he was embarrassed to speak because of the Chief and Elder Gong's presence. Finally, he could only watch her leave.

    After returning to the academy, Feng Jiu was immersed in pill refining. When she encountered something that she didn't understand, she asked the two alchemists for guidance. With the results of her own research, her progress in Alchemy could be described as a thousand miles a day.

    After another month passed, her alchemy room finally quietened down. After a bath, she came out of the cave-dwelling feeling refreshed. After several months of intensive research, her Alchemy knowledge was nearing completion. There were many pills that she had been refining recently, but those were never been tried or sold. Now it's time for her to rest.

    However, when she was riding her flying feather to chat with Ye Jing and her brother, she met the deputy headmaster on the way.

    "Feng Jiu? Just in time, I was on my way to see you!"

    "What can I do for you?" She was surprised at his solemn expression.

    "Mm, come with me." He went to the main peak with Feng Jiu followed behind.

    Arriving at the main peak, she saw the headmaster was there. She gave a salute, "I have seen the headmaster."

    "Sit down." The headmaster motioned to her. Since there was only the three of them, he told her directly, "I'm looking for you because I have something to tell you."

    She sat down at the table and said, "Please speak, headmaster."

    "Since you are holding the Qingfeng sword, naturally, you have heard of Tianyuan palace. I think Chu Batian, the master of the Heavenly Dynasty palace, has some connections with you?"

    When she heard that, her eyes moved in surprise and she nodded. "Mm. He's my master."

    Although he had never taught her anything, he had left a lot of good things for her. Some of the things in her space were collected by her master all his life while some were inside the space originally.

    "He was a powerful swordsman that transversed numerous countries. At that time, under his leadership, the Heavenly Dynasty Palace was very influential, like the sun in broad daylight. However, it only happened during those years."
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