772 A terrible mess

    Feng Jiu listened without speaking. She just listened quietly. The headmaster wouldn't talk about it for no reason. It was one thing that she had the Qingfeng sword. They all had seen it that day, but none talked about it nor leaked any information. Now, when this matter was raised again a few months later, it must have been something she didn't know.

    "All the people gathered in Heavenly Dynasty Palace were those evil disciples who treated human life like grass and those cultivators who were rejected by the upright path. However, after those years, Chu Batian's whereabouts were unknown. All the Heavenly Dynasty Palace's people scattered due to the fact that they were without a leader."

    "About a month ago, there was a faint rumour that people gathered in the Heavenly Dynasty Palace from all over the country. Because of the two factions were vying for the position of master of the palace, it led to some battles over territory. We received the news half a month ago, but everywhere, there were more such people than we've heard."

    He paused. "Chu Batian was a man who did whatever he wanted. When he was in charge of the Heavenly Dynasty Palace, he restrained the people under his command very well. Now the palace is in need of a leader. You are the master of Qingfeng sword. I want to ask you, do you have any plans?"

    "Headmaster expects me to deal with this mess?" She smiled and looked at him.

    "Haha, that's not the case. The Heavenly Dynasty Palace is a big power. Each one of its cultivators won't lose to our academy's teachers in their fighting power. It's truly a mess, yet also a big piece of fat meat. I'm afraid that for a long time, this meat will be stared at by some forces and taken as his own. Then it will cause irremediable trouble."

    "I promised my master to reorganize the Heavenly Dynasty Palace. However, I knew little about the palace and I didn't expect that it would be divided into two factions to fight in secret." She smiled. "I will definitely take it over when the time comes, but I need to ask the Headmaster for a person."

    "A person? Who? " The headmaster was slightly shocked, as well as deputy headmaster nearby.

    "Xiang Hua, the Law Protector." She said these words with her eyes moving.

    "Xiang Hua, the Law Protector?" The two men were stunned. "We don't know him. How could you ask us?"

    Feng Jiu's lips curved. "It doesn't matter. It's okay as long as I know that person." She smiled and stood up. "I'm leaving first. I'll go back and prepare well." She stepped out, then suddenly stop and walked back in.

    "Headmaster, I haven't seen Mo Chen lately, the one who looked like an immortal!"

    They were stunned. "He returned to take care of some stuff and will come back later."

    "Oh, I see. Well, then! I have something here. I'll trouble Headmaster to give it to him. Please tell him that it's my compensation for his loss. " She took out the wrapped heavenly silkworm garment from the space and put it on the table.

    "Alright." The headmaster nodded while wondering inwardly. Did the two get acquainted a long time before?

    The following morning, Feng Jiu, awoken naturally, packed up and left Old White and Cloud Devouring Beast at the Alchemy Peak. He left the academy and planned to go to the place where all the junior students in the academy practiced. She would get Xiang Hua out first.

    Almost no one was alerted about her departure. Even Nie Teng, who had always paid attention of her whereabouts, knew only a few days after she left that she was no longer in the academy.

    A few days later, at a certain area in the woods outside the city, Feng Jiu, in red garb, was resting on the tree. A faint, small voice came into her ears...
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