773 Meeting Bai Xiao again

    "Brother, if you have something, let's talk properly. How could you do such a degrading thing? Brother, at most, I will not demand your family's Miss for a reward, but you can't do this, this... "

    "Bah! Reward? Youngster, go down to the bottom of the earth, and ask the reward from Yama, the King of Hell!"

    "We're giving you a favour by leaving your corpse intact, hmph! If it were the Young Master today, your blood would have been shed on the spot. "

    "Then, there will be no problem if I don't demand the reward, right? Let me leave, okay? Treat it as your good deed!"

    "Let you go? Don't worry, we'll let you go down."

    Not far away, Feng Jiu leapt lightly up a tree to watch. She saw two sturdy men were digging a hole in the forest. One of them jumped in and checked the depth. Finally, he came out and put a young man in blue in the hole and began to pour the soil in.

    Burying a person alive? She lifted her eyebrows, feeling that the young man in dire straits was familiar to her.

    "Brother, let's talk it over. Don't shovel the soil first..."

    "Brother, can you stop putting soil on my head?"

    Seeing that scene, Feng Jiu unconsciously smiled. She remembered who the young man was. The man was called Bai Xiao, the former master of Old White. Unexpectedly, she met him again after such a long time.

    She plucked two leaves at random and shot them off using the spirit energy breath on her fingers. The leaves stroke the wrists of those two sturdy men, making them screaming with pain. They clutched their wrists, looked around and shouted loudly.

    "Who? Who is it? Come out!"

    "You're burying my friend."

    Feng Jiu, with her hands folded across her chest, leaned on the branch and looked at Bai Xiao, who was half-buried in the ground. She smiled at him. "Bai Xiao, long time no see. You've made a terrible mess of yourself."

    "Youngster! How dare you use concealed weapons to hurt us!" One of them, seeing a young man, snapped out. "You don't want to live."

    Feng Jiu picked two more leaves. "Are you sure you don't want to leave? My leaves are not aimed at your wrists this time."

    The other man looked down and saw that the thing that hurt them was really a leaf. He was shocked and hurriedly pulled the person next to him to leave, but he was called by Feng Jiu again.

    "Wait a minute."

    "You -- didn't you say to let us leave earlier? We, we were just obeying orders. It's not that we want to bury, bury your friend... "They were frightened. Their legs trembled slightly and their faces turned pale.

    How high one's cultivation level to be able to use leaves as concealed weapons? In any case, the two of them couldn't use leaves as concealed weapons. They were not the young man's match.

    "Pull him up before you go." She raised her chin to show what she meant.

    "Oh, yes, yes."

    They answered in a hurry and pulled up Bai Xiao, who had his body buried in soil, with their uninjured hands. Then they started to run as if some vipers and ferocious beasts were after them.

    "You are...Feng Jiu?" Bai Xiao hesitated, calling out Feng Jiu's name.

    "Mm, it seems you remember me." She nodded and smiled with her eyes narrowed into half-moons. "Bai Xiao, what's the matter with you? How did you get yourself into such a mess?" As she spoke, she untied the rope from his body.

    "Sigh, it's a long story."

    After shaking the rope away, he patted the sand between his hair, shook his blue robe, and asked: "Feng Jiu, what about Old White? Why is he not with you? Is it obedient? Did you get into any trouble? "
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