774 I come from a noble beast tamer family

    "Ah, Old White! It's a long story. " She smiled and shook her head. Looking at the dirt all over his body, she said, "There is a stream not far ahead. Would you like to take a bath and change your clothes? "

    "All right, let me get cleaned up first and then we'll talk. I'm improper right now ." He spoke with some embarrassment. According to Feng Jiu's direction, he found the stream, quickly took off his clothes and jumped down to bathe.

    Feng Jiu didn't follow him. While he was taking a bath, she caught a pheasant and roasted it.

    "What a delicious aroma! Feng Jiu, I've been hungry all day. They didn't provide me with food. " With fresh clothes and hair still dripping with water, he came beside Feng Jiu and sat down, staring at the pheasant on the roasting fire.

    "Come, have a drink first." She took a small jar of wine from the space and poured him a small bowl.

    "That's enough." He said, holding the bowl in both hands. "I can't drink too much wine."

    "If you can't drink much, then don't drink on an empty stomach! Wait a minute. The pheasant is almost ready. " She smiled and began to add some seasoning. "How come you are always wandering around every time I see you? Where are you going? "

    "I didn't want to go anywhere. My family drove me away, they told me to gain some experience outside. However, I ran into a brick wall everywhere." While holding the wine in both hands and keeping his eyes fixed on the roasted pheasant, he told her all the things he had met these past several days.

    "Oh? Are you from a noble beast tamer family? " She was slightly surprised at first, but then got a flash of insight. If he was not from that kind of family, it wouldn't be possible to get such an odd horse as Old White.

    "Mm, but it's useless. I don't have martial power. I can only control beasts, but sometimes there would be some mishaps, such as Old White, the odd horse that I can't control. Also, those two men just now. Their Miss' pet beast jumped out and scratched frantically for unknown reasons. It tore its owner's new clothes and scratched the back of her hand to bleed."

    Feng Jiu cut a pheasant leg with a knife and gave it to him. "That is to say, you have no place to go now?"

    "Mm, my family won't let me go back. They say that I should temper myself through hardships outside and got some achievements. However, it's too hard. I'm afraid I'll lose my life."

    He gulped, then took the pheasant leg. Because it was very hot, he used tree leaves as insulation from the heat and then took a bite. The rich meat aroma filled his mouth and made the rim of his eyes red.

    "Feng Jiu, you treat me so well. You don't know. That family asked me to tame beasts, but they gave me some vegetables and steamed bread every day. I'm so hungry that I've lost a lot of weight. I didn't get any food yesterday, and I was caught and got buried alive today. It's too much."

    "Can you really tame animals?" She was also very suspicious. After all, when she saw him at that time, Old White threw him down from its back.

    "Of course I can. I only occasionally had some mishaps, but I can tame animals, really." He repeated as if afraid she would not believe him.

    "Since you have no place to go, do you want to follow me?" She was like a big-tailed wolf with an innocent, harmless smile. "There are many beasts in the place I'm going to. It's just perfect for you to gain some experience. What do you think, do you want to go? "

    He didn't answer immediately, but looked at her with a straight face, "If you see that I am chased by fierce animals with nowhere to escape, will you save me?"

    Feng Jiu was stunned and then burst into uproarious laughter...
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