775 Returning to the forest to gain experience

    In this way, the journey that was originally had only one person now consisted of two people.

    Feng Jiu took him on the flying feather to the forest where she had been cultivating. On the way, she told him about Old White...

    One day later, early in the morning, they arrived outside the forest's boundary. Looking at the forest, she couldn't help thinking of her previous escape to this place.

    Escaping from Hell's Palace, it was unknown how long she had to walk and how many mountains she had to climb before entering this place. She couldn't help shaking her head at the thought that she was caught by Uncle later.

    Everything was fate.

    As long as there was fate, no matter if she had escaped or avoided, she would meet him by accident, run into him, and end up going together.

    "Feng Jiu, there's a boundary here. We can't get in. Otherwise, we'd better go somewhere else! This place looks creepy. "

    Bai Xiao looked at the stone tablet over there that read: A strategic place to learn from experience, the boundary acts as a guard, utterly evil villains and fierce beasts are everywhere.

    Seeing those words, he couldn't help giving up. What if he entered and couldn't get out of such a dangerous place?

    "What we're here for is the inside. Besides, it's not the place where you can get in and out at will."

    She smiled and raised two pieces of white jade cards in her hand. "In addition to the fierce beasts, there are also some villains caught by Three Clan and Nebula Academy. However, they can't get out without this thing. They are trapped inside and become part of Three Clan's disciples and Nebula Academy's students to experience danger."

    "The man you said you were looking for was in there? You said only villains were trapped here..."

    "Haha, there are exceptions to everything. Alright, stop talking and let's go in!" She put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him in without hesitation.

    Their bodies seemed to pass through a layer of airflow. The atmosphere was slightly warped and they were squeezed inside. She was a bit baffled about this boundary. After all, the last time she did not have a jade card and entered directly.

    "Feng Jiu, it's eerie inside. It gave people a very dangerous feeling." With almost no power to protect himself, he held on Feng Jiu's clothes nervously.

    No wonder he was timid. Even if he came from a noble family of beast tamers, there were people protecting him when he was taming beasts. Even in the forest of dangerous beasts, he was not afraid, because he knew that people around him would protect him from any harm.

    But it's not the same here. Although he was familiar with Feng Jiu, he had only met her twice. Who knew whether she would run if they met with danger?

    Feng Jiu wasn't aware that he thought of her like this in his heart. If she did, she would have given him a kick first.

    Seeing that his face was white with fear, Feng Jiu couldn't help chuckling and patting him on the shoulder. "You have to train your courage. Just in time, I'll find someone here to train your courage."

    "There's no need, right? I'm just a beast tamer, not a warrior. I really don't need to." He repeatedly made a gesture of disapproval. However, even though he refused, he was not a match of Feng Jiu's persistence.

    In the end, Feng Jiu took him to gain outside experience. As they went deeper inside the forest, they ran across some beasts possessing less powerful attack to let him get some practice. It also let her see his method of taming animals. It was really extraordinary. When they met some fierce animals with obviously higher level, he was still failed.
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