776 I’m the flower thief Jade Fox

    In the evening, Bai Xiao dragged an injured boar under the tree and shouted, "Feng Jiu, take a look. This is the one-horned rhino that you caught for me. It's so big, enough to last a few days if roasted."

    "Deal with it! I'll have a rest. " Feng Jiu, atop the tree, said lazily. After a day of wandering around here, except for meeting fierce animals, they hadn't seen any villains.

    The forest was so big that she wouldn't finish exploring it for two or three days even if she sat on the flying feather. How could she find Xiang Hua in this forest? It's a little nerve-racking.

    "Well, then, rest! I'll call you when I've finished roasting the meat." He didn't look up while handling the wild boar. When he was ready to light the fire, but found that there were not enough branches. He decided to go to the vicinity to pick up some.

    "I'll pick up some branches for firewood and come back later." He told Feng Jiu and went ahead.

    Feng Jiu didn't mind. They had passed by this area before. It's not dangerous. However, when she glanced at his back and closed her eyes again, she heard a frightened scream.

    She immediately opened her eyes, lifted her vital energy and swept away toward the sound. When she came to Bai Xiao's place, she saw some tall and sturdy men drew swords around his neck. Her eyes couldn't help jolted in surprise.

    "What are you guys doing?" She leaned against the tree and asked with a voice as light as a feather. She didn't come close but looked at them with her hands folded across her chest.

    "Youngster, are you two new-comer here?" Asked a big man in a rough voice.

    She nodded, her eyes flickered. "Well, we just came in today."

    "Which road? How did you get in? " The big man was still asking. He seemed to guess Feng Jiu's reliability.

    "Which way? Are there different routes to get in? " She looked at those few big men with a slight surprise and saw that some of them had a strong smell of blood. It could be assumed that they had killed a lot of people.

    "Of course, put out your name and the means you get in. Speak! "

    Feng Jiu's lips curved up. With one hand playing with her drooping strand of hair, she spoke, "Listen well. I'm the handsome, elegant, suave and uncommon man known as the ruthless hand ravaging and gathering flowers with skills unequalled in the world, the flower thief Jade Fox."

    Hearing that series of long names, those fierce-looking men were stunned. With an odd expression, they sized Feng Jiu up and then they curled their lips. "To put it bluntly, you're just a low-class rapist? But what about this youngster? " He patted Bai Xiao's face.

    "Mm, that's good enough. But I have a name, Jade Fox. That youngster is my little brother." She smiled with her eyes squinted.

    "Whether you are a flower thief or Jade Fox, if you enter this place, you will either die or be obedient. Which one do you choose?" The big man clapped Bai Xiao on the shoulder with his dagger and made a thumping sound, making his face white with fear.

    "This...doesn't this mean surrendering and paying allegiance to you? " She stroked her chin and looked at them.

    "Ah, you're new here, so you don't know! There are rules and regulations in this place. If you follow the Boss, you can eat meat. Even if you are trapped here, you will be able to go out and kill them all one day"

    "Oh, so that's it. Then, of course, we are going to surrender and pay allegiance to you! Who doesn't hug the powerful guy's thigh? Correct? " She said with a smile. Her eyes fell on the swords on Bai Xiao's shoulder.

    "Big brothers, can you remove the swords now?"
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