777 Forces in the fores

    Hearing this, the sturdy man removed his sword. "Let's go!" While talking, several people surrounded Feng Jiu and Bai Xiao to prevent them from escaping.

    "Wait!" Feng Jiu shouted.

    "Don't tell me that you want to back out?" That big man glared at him ferociously.

    "Of course not. I'm just thinking that when I'm paying a visit for the first time, what kind of gift to bring to the big brother?" She smiled and pointed to a place not far away. "There is a wild boar that we previously caught. Let's carry it together!"

    "Tch, I didn't expect you'd be good." One of them sneered and strode to the other side. Soon, he came with the wild boar that Bai Xiao had handled.

    Those several people then followed them all the way to the deep forest. On the way, Bai Xiao pulled Feng Jiu's sleeves and winked, asking what to do next.

    Feng Jiu smiled with disapproval. She whispered in his ears, "See the opportunity and act, don't be afraid."

    "What are you two talking about?" Someone was yelling in the back.

    "My little brother is timid. I'm telling him not to be afraid. There are people protecting us here." Feng Jiu turned around and smiled. Her dazzling smile made the big man muttered in a low voice.

    As expected, she is a flower thief. Her face is more attractive than that of a woman.

    With them leading at the front, those people went to the deepest part of the forest and walked along the array. Her eyes flickered. Actually, this place contained a large number of talents. The array here was cleverly arranged, which was totally out of her expectations.

    "Who made this array? So clever?"

    "Hey, I didn't expect you to have quite a good taste. You can see the exquisiteness of this array at once?"

    The big man behind grinned. "This is the Boss' work. It's because of this array that our activities in this area have become more and more comfortable. Moreover, those fierce beasts couldn't catch us."

    "Oh? So that's why! The Boss is the most powerful person in this area? " She asked.

    "Here, people generally have the strength of the Great Spirit Master approximately. There are also those at the peak level Great Spirit Master. It seems that the boss is at that peak level. However, I heard that Xiang Hua is also here. His cultivation strength is not only above the Great Spirit Master, but also it is said that this man is vicious. The boss is trying to rope this man in."

    "Shut up! What are you trying to do, telling him that much?" A big man in front turned his head and yelled. He glared at the big man behind him.

    "It's all our own people. What's the harm in talking?" Feng Jiu smiled in disapproval and followed them until an hour later, she passed the last array and finally saw burly men standing or sitting on both sides.

    When those people saw two new faces, each one of them sized those two young men up, but most of their sights were fixed on the handsome young man in red.

    Seeing that the young man was more beautiful than a woman, several big men's eyes were jolting. They didn't conceal their interests and just stared at Feng Jiu.

    "Da Shan, what's up with these youngsters? Where did you get them back from? " A big man raised his chin and asked.

    "We met them on the road, then caught and brought them back. The youngster in red said that he's a flower thief." The man leading the way in front answered, then asked, "Where's the boss?"
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