779 It’s easier to invite god than to send him away

    Feng Jiu previously thought that the one who could be called Boss by these robust men should have been a tall and sturdy man or a nefarious and bloodthirsty villain. However, the one who came out was far beyond her expectations.

    It's a young man in his early twenties. He was dressed in a uniform - it was unknown from which Spirit division student at the Nebula Academy. His temperament seemed to be so gentle and harmless. His smiling eyes also gave off the same feeling. However, in Feng Jiu's eyes, he felt like a smiling tiger, a man with a big smile and evil intentions.

    Those at the peak level Great Spirit Master seemed harmless but deadly. No wonder that this man could become these people's boss at a young age. Obviously, he couldn't sway these vicious people without some means.

    "How should I call this distinguished guest?" The man stood on the treehouse and looked down arrogantly at the red-robed Feng Jiu.

    Before Feng Jiu said anything, the man who led the way said in a hurry. "Boss, this kid said that he is some Flower Thief Jade Fox."

    "Mm, that's correct. I'm a flower thief called Jade Fox." Feng Jiu nodded and smiled with her eyes narrowed to a crescent.

    The man's eyes were gleaming with a smile. "This distinguished guest has no immoral or obscene breath, how can you be a flower thief? Please speak! Why did you look for us? "

    Feng Jiu smiled when she heard this question. "That's incorrect. It's obvious that you're the one who took me here. How could you say that I'm looking for you?" As she spoke, she took a glance at those people who were leading the way here.

    "Boss, we caught and brought them here after we met. If Boss finds them pleasing, we will drive them out." Those strong men spoke, worried that the boss atop the treehouse was angry. After all, his means still made people tremble.

    "It's easier to invite god than to send him away. Now that he's here, do you think he'll leave easily?" The man cast a glance at the men with a smile, but his expression was murderous.

    Feng Jiu couldn't help chuckling. "Don't worry, I don't want to trouble you, but I want your help finding a person."

    She stopped speaking, turned around and saw the wild boar. "Look, I've even brought you a thank-you gift."

    Everyone's mouth was twitching. A wild boar for a thank-you gift? This person was really rude.

    Hearing this, the man on the treehouse smiled and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

    "Xiang Hua." She looked back at the man.

    "Xiang Hua, the Left Protector of the Law of Heavenly Dynasty Palace?" The man's eyes jolted. "How did you know he's here?"

    "Of course, because I've met him before."

    "May I ask, what do you want to do with Xiang Hua?"

    "I'm lacking a supporting cast, why? Are you interested? " She looked at the young man jokingly. She was curious. How could this young man be caught and trapped here?

    The man smiled. "You want Xiang Hua to support you? This distinguished guest is talking big. "

    He walked down the treehouse with a smile. "We've been looking for Xiang Hua for a while and we know where he is in the forest. However, it's not so easy to catch him. If you are interested, you can go with us to meet him tomorrow."

    "Of course." She nodded. Then she told the two big man beside him, "Roast that wild boar."

    "Tch! Why should we listen...listen to you?"
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