780 Losing one’s life for you

    Before the big man finished speaking, he saw a sharp dagger was put on his neck. He saw a cold light from the corner of his eyes, making his entire body stiff. He stared at the young man in red with shock.

    "I understand that here you use strength to speak. If you don't mind, can we exchange blows? Hmm?" Her indifferent voice seemed languid and harmless. However, people around her frowned and their eyes were filled with gravity.

    They were all villains with hundreds of lives in their hands. Some of them took more than hundreds of lives. They were not afraid of death. However, no one would be willing to fall by the hand of a young man whose background was unknown.

    The strong man obviously understood this. After being stiff for a moment, he took the wild boar and roasted it expressionlessly.

    "What are you staring at me for?"

    She raised her eyebrows and her eyes swept the crowd. After a glance, they either turned away or withdrew their gazes.

    That man's eyes caught sight of the waist ornament half covered by the boy's red coat. After seeing the rainbow-coloured glazed feather, he asked, "Are you Nebula Academy's student? You must not be a mediocre person, seeing that you obtained one of the Sky Building's Three Treasures - the rainbow-coloured glazed feather."

    "Recognizing my waist ornament at a glance, your eyes are not bad!" Feng Jiu chuckled and sat down at the stake beside the four-legged wooden table made from a tree stump. He took out the wine and two cups from the space.

    "What about a drink?"

    The man came to the table and sat down and Bai Xiao stood behind Feng Jiu. Those around the big man see the youngster took things out leisurely, looking confident and unafraid of being stared at. Each one of them seemed lost in thought.

    "You are still young, how did you get here?" She poured a glass of wine and handed it over, asking casually.

    "I was caught by some old people in the same faction." He picked up his cup and inhaled the fragrance. "I've been here for more than 2 years. This is the first time to smell this kind of wine fragrance."

    Feng Jiu smiled. After a light sip, she spoke, "Perhaps you can consider it. If you follow me in the future, it's not a problem to live well."

    "You've got a way to get me out of here?" His eyes flickered and he stared at the young man in front of him.

    "Of course."

    "So, do you have the academy's jade card?"

    "That's correct."

    She smiled, feeling that the big men who were originally sitting had stood up one by one, staring at her like a fierce tiger or a hungry wolf. She was no stranger to these savage plundering gaze.

    That man sipped his wine and lowered his eyes. "You are very confident. I have no idea, do you really have confidence in your ability?"

    Feng Jiu played with the wine cup and her lips curved in a smile. A wanton and evil look flashed in her eyes. "Perhaps you can try, just, there is no free trial here."

    "If I lose, I'll be yours." As soon as the voice rang, the wine cup in the man's hand was shot to attack. At the same time, he flipped his palm over and a dagger materialized in his hand to attack Feng Jiu fiercely.

    Feng Jiu tossed the wine cup up into the air. Spirt energy flew out between her raised hands and the breath of the invisible spirit moved like ripples of water, flinging the wine cup in the air. She reached out and clasped the dagger's grip, turned back, and dissolve the attack coming from his other hand. She lifted her foot and kicked out. The opponent's calf was aching and knelt on his knee.

    Just when he was still trying to make a move, a weapon's ice-cold sensation was pressed against his neck...
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