781 It Smells Good

    Feng Jiu's hand moved with spirit energy, without looking up, she had caught the two wine cups and placed them gently on the table. She looked at that man and said with a smile: "Your life is really worthless."

    The man stiffened up, his chin was lowered down and as the dagger was pressed against his throat. When he looked at the laughing young man dressed in red in front of him, although his expression was not clearly visible, however, his heart shivered a little.

    He was very clear about his own skills, but this young man's skills actually surpassed him. With a swift of his hand, the young man had subdued him and the dagger pressed against his neck was even his own dagger.

    The strong fellow men surrounding them had stood up and stared at the two men. Surprise showed on their faces. They had wanted to help out, but when they saw how the young man defeated their boss with no more than two or three strokes, they held back.

    They were all Great Spirit Master level. Having seen that young man kill a man with a blink of an eye, and then defeat their boss, they were sure that he was above the Great Spirit Master level.

    However, the level above Great Spirit Master is Foundation Cultivator. Could this young man really be a Foundation Cultivator?

    Feng Jiu retracted her hand and sat down, then tapped the table with her slender and fair fingers and said: "Pour some wine."

    Bai Xiao who stood at the side recovered from his shock and went over to pick up the jar of wine. He was about to pour the wine when he was stopped by her: "I wasn't talking to you. Go stand at the side."

    She waved her hand and indicated for him to sit down, her eyes fell onto the man knelt on the floor with one knee.

    Bai Xiao was shocked, but he put the jar of wine down and went to sit down at the side like he was told. He stared at Feng Jiu and couldn't help but notice that the breath of air that came off Feng Jiu was very attractive and people couldn't help but obey. He had only ever seen that kind of pressure and power from the old ancestors from his tribe.

    The man stared at Feng Jiu for a while before he finally stood up and kept his dagger, then walked up and lifted the jar of wine and poured a cup out for the boy.

    Upon seeing this, the strong fellow men surrounding them all frowned without saying anything, but just stared at them. They watched as the young man in red robes finished his cup of wine, and their boss stood at the side and refilled the cup of wine.

    Then everyone heard a sound and turned towards where the sound came from.

    "It's here, it's here, wild roasted boar."

    Two strong men carried a whole roast boar balanced on a wooden pole towards them and set it on the table. The two men said to the man: " Boss, this wild roast boar is very tender, and has been roasted by a special mountain method. The flavour on the hind leg is very fragrant. We know that you prefer lighter tastes, so we have put less seasoning at the front legs so that the taste is milder."

    Upon hearing this, the fellow men's hearts skipped a beat as they looked at the wild boar and then looked away.

    When the man heard this, he looked at Feng Jiu as he drank his cup of wine, his face was slightly red and his eyes were a little dazed, like he had a little too much to drink. He hadn't seemed to have heard what the two men said, he just kept drinking wine and shouting for his cup to be refilled.

    Bai Xiao tugged at Feng Jiu's sleeves and said: "Don't drink too much, it's not good if you get drunk." He looked at the strong men who stared at them with eyes ferocious like a tiger, and he felt a little worried.

    "Well, I won't drink too much. The roast wild boar arrived just in time. Come on, slice a couple of pieces so that we can try it."

    Feng Jiu put down the wine glass as she shouted, she then leaned forward to smell the food: "Mmmmm, it smells good, smells quite fragrant."
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