783 Iron Fan Scholar

    "Okay, we won't speak about this matter anymore. Besides, he hasn't done anything to us. We will just ignore him and help him find Xiang Hua tomorrow." The man finished speaking and instructed everyone to refrain from disturbing him then went to rest.

    No one noticed a figure in red in the shadows of the night, like a ghost, silent.

    The next morning, Feng Jiu stretched out lazily as she got out of bed. She washed up with water then kicked Bai Xiao at the side of her bed: "Wake up, wake up."

    Bai Xiao had turned over, then realised suddenly where they were, and jumped up immediately. He saw that Feng Jiu had already walked out the door, so followed after her sleepily.

    Outside, as everyone saw the two people come out, their eyes were all on them, especially the one dressed in red.

    "Up quite early." She yawned and stretched as she asked: "Are we setting off now?"

    "Well, we are quite a distance away from Xiang Hua. Calculating the timing, we should be able to meet if we leave now." The man said to Feng Jiu: "I still have yet to introduce myself to you. My name is Du Fan, people know me as the Iron Fan Scholar."

    "Iron Fan Scholar." Feng Jiu appeared shocked and looked him up and down: "I can't tell that you are a scholar and where is your iron fan?"

    When they heard his question, everyone was surprised. The young man hadn't heard of their Boss the Iron Fan Scholar. In Green Gallop Country, he was actually quite famous. He actually hadn't heard of him before.

    Du Fan was also surprised and asked: "The iron fan has been destroyed." He paused and then couldn't help but ask: "Have you never heard of the Iron Fan Scholar before?"

    "I have only heard of the Iron Fan Princess." Feng Jiu smiled as her eyes landed on his body: "But looking at you, your name is quite flamboyant."

    Du Fan didn't know what else to say but: "It's getting late now, we should set off." He waved his hand as he led everyone out of the formation.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu looked back at Bai Xiao and asked: "You used to come over here often, have you heard of the Iron Fan Scholar?"

    "I have heard of him, but never met him. I heard that he is very ruthless and that he had killed a whole village of Chen members in one night. He didn't even let the elderly and young children go. Because he used to dress up like a scholar and had an iron fan, that's why he was known as the Iron Fan Scholar."

    "Revenge killing?" She raised her eyebrows.

    "I don't know." Bai Xiao shook his head.

    Along the way, the people ahead hadn't spoken much. However, Feng Jiu and Bai Xiao had chatted quite a bit. After about two hours, the people ahead stopped.

    "I have asked them to encircle Xiang Hua, do you want to follow them to take a look?" Du Fan walked over and looked at Feng Jiu.

    "Yes, I will go and have a look." Feng Jiu nodded and followed.

    At this time, Xiang Hua was wearing an animal skin and filling up water at a nearby stream. He was about to go back when he heard many footsteps behind him. He looked back and saw a group of people had formed a circle and trapped him in the middle.

    "Xiang Hua, we have finally trapped you today."

    One of the strong men said with his face full of gloat: "I heard that you have become a Great Spirit Master. Weren't you a Golden Core cultivator back in the day? What happened to you?"
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