784 Repairing the Golden Core

    "I've long heard that you are here, just never thought that it was true." One of the strong men said.

    "Xiang Hua, fancy bumping into you my nemesis. Back then when you defeated me, my injuries were so severe that I was laid in bed for nearly a month before I recovered. Tell me, how shall I deal with you today?"

    Just as the crowd of men cracked their fists and moved closer to get a punch in, Feng Jiu's voice drifted in from behind them.

    "What revenge, have you forgotten that this man belongs to me?"

    Feng Jiu in her red robes had then walked past everyone freely and came to stand in front of Xiang Hua. After she looked him up and down she smiled and said: " We meet again."

    Xiang Hua looked at the young man dressed in red who had saved his life once and asked: "You are looking for me?"

    "That's right, do you want to leave here with me?" She put her arms across her chest as she smiled at him.

    All the men behind them had a look of surprise when they heard this.

    Leave, they want to leave too.

    "Leave? What for?"

    "Of course to do something big."

    Upon hearing this, everyone found it strange. Why was this young man talking like a pirate, where on earth did he come from?

    "Not interested." He walked past the crowd with the intention to leave.

    Some people blocked his path and some people looked with anticipation at Feng Jiu: "If he's not interested, I am."

    Feng Jiu laughed and replied: "But I'm not interested in you."

    When the strong men heard this their expressions turned nasty.

    "Tianyuan Palace have been in chaos again recently. They've apparently split into two factions and are fighting every few days. There are many forces who are thinking of taking them out."

    She continued speaking casually, as she walked leisurely towards him: "I've been tasked with rebuilding Tianyuan Palace, that's why I have come to find you. You used to be the Protector of Law in Tianyuan Palace and I want you to help me as you would be familiar with everything in Tianyuan Palace."

    "You want to conquer Tianyuan Palace?" Xiang Hua laughed as he took in the young man and thought how clueless he must be.

    "Yes, that's right, I do." She nodded. She smiled and continued: "If you don't believe me, let's place a bet."

    Xiang Hua pursed his lips as he stared at Feng Jiu: "I am just a Great Spirit Master now, I can't help you with my strength."

    "It's just that your Golden Core strength has been broken, that's why you are now a Great Spirit Master level. It doesn't matter. Within three days, I will be able to help you repair your Golden Core strength." Feng Jiu said matter of factly. To help people advance is not a difficult task for her. Besides, Xiang Hua had the foundation and his Golden Core strength was only broken. Once she repaired his Golden Core, his strength would recover.

    She spoke carelessly and hadn't noticed everyone's surprise around her. Was this for real, his Golden Core was broken and she could repair it within three days?

    Xiang Hua was originally a Golden Core cultivator. But after he was betrayed, his Golden Core was damaged and became a Great Spirit Master. He was forever stuck at that level as a waste of space. But then today, someone actually said that he could repair his Golden Core strength.

    Compared to the shock of everyone around them, Xiang Hua's heart was lifted up with a glimmer of hope because of Feng Jiu's words. He looked at the young man with disbelief and his voice trembled as he asked: "You... you said my broken Golden Core can be repaired?!"
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