786 Golden Needle Acupuncture

    Xiang Hua looked at the bottle of black-green medicine, his eyes glimmered, and without saying anything, he drank the whole bottle in one go.

    "Go and lie down on the small bed in the tree house." She had instructed without raising her head and continued to mix some medicinal herbs. She took out a small furnace from space and passed it to Bai Xiao: "Boil this down using two bowls of water down to half a bowl of water."

    "Okay." Bai Xiao answered and proceeded to boil the medicine.

    By the time Xiang Hua got to the tree house, he had started to feel drowsy. He laid down on the bed and soon lost consciousness.

    At the table under the tree, Feng Jiu was preparing the medicine. Fortunately, her stock of medicinal herbs in space was plentiful and all the herbs she required were there. However, the remedy for repairing Golden Core was not easy, and this was her first attempt.

    Some time had passed, Xiang Hua was still asleep in the tree house and Feng Jiu was still working on the remedy. Bai Xiao had finished boiling the medicine and brought it over.

    "The medicine is ready, do I give it to him?"

    "Bring it here, I will add something to it." She motioned for him to bring the medicine over.

    Bai Xiao brought the bowl of medicine over and watched as she threw in some medicine powder into it. The medicine had changed, it was black like tar in colour but now seemed to have a green glow floating on it. How peculiar.

    "He's passed out. Feed it to him a little at a time, don't waste it." She instructed as she handed the bowl to him.

    "Yes, I know."

    Bai Xiao brought the medicine over and fed him little by little with a spoon. It took nearly an hour for him to feed him the bowl of medicine. Afterwards he asked: "Feng Jiu, why didn't we wake him up to drink the medicine by himself?"

    "The medicine I gave him earlier put his whole body in a dormant state. This medicine that he has just taken will go directly into his dantian to repair his Golden Core. This way, the medicine's effect will not be lost and will be most effective in repairing."

    He nodded knowingly and hadn't said anything else.

    "Sort out this medicine for me, crush it like that."

    "Okay." Bai Xiao went to her and they worked side by side. As time passed, the people outside the enchantment grew impatient.

    "Boss, are we just going to let them do what they want?" One of the men asked

    "Boss, will you leave with them?"

    "Boss, why don't we charge inside and kill all three of them?"

    Du Fan stared at them coldly and replied: "Stand guard and don't pull any tricks." His gaze passed through the crowd with a bloodthirsty glare: "Don't blame me for being ruthless if anyone tries to do anything."

    Even though everyone was dissatisfied when they heard these words, they kept quiet. Some of them sat down in small groups, some of them said that they were going hunting for food, and some of them sat by the tree and rested.

    They all waited as they wanted to know if the young man dressed in red could really repair a damaged Golden Core.

    Du Fan stared at them all, and when he saw that they all sat obediently waiting, he sat by the tree with his eyes half closed, his mind spun with many thoughts.

    More time passed, night fell, the roar of beasts could be heard through the forest. In the dark night, the forest gave one a sense of dangerous atmosphere.

    At this time, in the tree house, after giving Xiang Hua the prepared medicine, Feng Jiu was about to perform acupuncture with a golden needle.
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