787 Little White, Prestigious Beastmaster

    In order to repair the damaged Golden Core, other than the use of medicine, acupuncture using a golden needle was also required to repair the spirit energy at the same time. The golden needle acupuncture was her own unique method. No one else, even in the world of the immortal cultivation, knew this method.

    In other words, she could repair the damaged Golden Core and no one else could.

    Bai Xiao stood at the side and watched as he took even breaths, afraid to disturb her. He noticed that the golden needle was accompanied by a breath of spiritual energy that could be seen by the naked eye. With the rotation of the needle, the spiritual energy entered into his body.

    Finally, when Feng Jiu moved away, he saw that the needle was left in the body and trembled. Feng Jiu took more golden needles and used the same method and pierced more acupuncture points in his body. Each needle was accompanied by the breath of spirit energy.

    Beads of sweat covered the unconscious Xiang Hua and his face became red from time to time. As more golden needles entered his body, the spirit energy was condensed within his body. The spirit energy seemed to be spurred on by the golden needles.

    "Wipe the sweat." Feng Jiu raised her head slightly, her hand was rotating a golden needle.

    Bai Xiao stepped forwards immediately and wiped the sweat off his forehead. So, his task here was to wipe sweat.

    It was midnight when Feng Jiu finally removed all the golden needles from Xiang Hua's body. She fed him some more medicine and let out a deep breath before she found a space to take a rest.

    "Feng Jiu, water." Bai Xiao handed her some water and asked: "How is he doing?"

    "Tonight the repairing will be doing its work, by tomorrow morning, the repair should be complete." She took a sip of water and continued: "Stand guard here tonight, find a place to rest."

    "So the damaged Golden Core can be repaired?" He was stunned. He hadn't quite believed it could happen from the start, even when he watched as he did the acupuncture, he was still dubious.

    Feng Jiu's eyebrows raised when she heard this: "Do you really think I'm fooling you?" She laughed and continued: "How else do you think Old White can speak?"

    "Didn't you say that Old White had eaten a medicinal pill of yours by mistake." As his last words were spoken, he was surprised but realised that if he really had no ability, then how could he have refined a pill that would make a beast speak.

    "So I've said, there's advantages if you follow me." She patted his shoulder and smiled: "Little White."

    "It's Bai Xiao." He said with dissatisfaction.

    "Little White suits you more." She chuckled and continued: "I'm telling you Little White, there's so many advantages following me. Just wait till after I've rebuilt Tianyuan Palace, I will make you a position and you can be the Beastmaster of Tianyuan. You better practise. In the future, even if you are no match for others, you can use your beasts to fight for you."

    "I am just an animal trainer, not a Beastmaster."

    "I say, you're so silly. Animals and beasts are from the same family. Once you have tamed your beast, you can order it to do anything, they have to listen to their master. It's not worse than a Golden Core cultivator. Just think, if you want to fly, just train a beast that can fly and you can ride the beast."
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