788 Don’t Tell Me You’re Interested In Men

    "If you can't win in a fight, that's alright. Just train your beast to help you fight. It will definitely be able to beat people up. You will become powerful and prestigious. When you return to your village, everyone will do anything you want."

    Upon hearing Feng Jiu's words, Bai Xiao was spellbound by the future she had planned for him. It seemed possible and he couldn't help but feel excited.

    "So even if my strength is not powerful enough, once I become a Beastmaster, I can get my beasts to fight for me." His eyes were bright as he spoke with excitement.

    "Of course."

    "Feng Jiu nodded and said: "Being a Beastmaster has a very promising future."

    "Feng Jiu, don't worry. I will work very hard, I won't disappoint you." He spoke with confidence. The uncertainty that he had, the cowardice he felt, was replaced by excitement.

    "I'm optimistic about you. Work hard." She patted his shoulder and said: "I'm going to rest now." She then covered herself with her cloak and closed her eyes to rest.

    The night passed peacefully. Du Fan had carried out Feng Jiu's orders and guarded the enchantment, he hadn't let anyone step inside it.

    Two men had tried to enter the enchantment in the middle of the night while he was resting and he killed them. Perhaps the bloody scene had shocked everyone else and no one dared to try enter the enchantment again.

    The next morning, Feng Jiu was examining Xiang Hua. Her palm had covered his dantian as she explored his damaged Golden Core. When she had discovered that his damaged Golden Core was repaired and he had advanced from a Great Spirit Master to a Golden Core cultivator, she was satisfied and laid him back down on the bed.

    "Feng Jiu, his spirit energy has been restored to Golden Core?" Bai Xiao asked as he knelt by the bedside.

    "Yes, it's been restored with the help of the medicine and he is now a Golden Core cultivator again." A confident smile appeared on her face as she knew that there was nothing she couldn't achieve.

    Bai Xiao blinked and asked: "Feng Jiu, will you treat my father?"

    "Well." Feng Jiu asked: "Your father's Golden Core is damaged too?"

    "I've mentioned to you before that I come from a family of Beastmasters. But the only person who really understands Beasts is our ancestor. The generation from my father onwards can only be called animal trainers as we know nothing about Beasts, we can't be Beastmasters."

    "My father had the most promise to become a Beastmaster. However, one year, his Golden Core was injured by a beast and couldn't recover from it. Since you are able to repair damaged Golden Cores, I wondered if you could help my father." His face was filled with hope as he looked at him.

    She smiled at him slyly and said: "It's not impossible, but, hehe."

    "But what?"

    "Tell me first, do you belong to me." She stared at him sly like a fox.

    "What do you mean by belong to you, don't tell me that you are interested in men." He stared at him in horror and took a step backwards.

    After he spoke, his head was slapped with force: "What do you mean interested in men, I wondered where Old White learnt to be so lecherous, so he's learnt all this nonsense from you, no wonder he is so lecherous."
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