790 Never Betray

    Upon seeing this, Bai Xiao who stood at the side had quickly said: "Me too."

    "Let's go. I came here to look for you. Now that I've found you, it's time to leave." She smiled as she spoke and waltzed out of the tree house. She leapt down and took the two men behind her with her out of the formation.

    When everyone outside heard the footsteps, they turned around and saw the three men. As their eyes landed on Xiang Hua, they looked at Feng Jiu in disbelief.

    This young boy had really managed to repair the damaged Golden Core? The power on Xiang Hua was not the same as it was yesterday. He was able to restore his powers in just one day?

    Du Fan's eyes glimmered as they passed from Xiang Hua to Feng Jiu. He was right about this person!

    The people in front of them couldn't help but moved out of the way and made a path as they watched the three men walk out. At this time, Du Fan bowed to the crowd and said: " Brothers, so long." He followed the three men with haste.

    "Boss, are you really leaving with them?" One of the men had blocked his path and asked angrily.

    "Of course. I have an opportunity to leave with a Master whose power is unfathomable, so why would I choose to stay here?"

    Du Fan smiled as he looked at the violence in their eyes, their bloodthirsty intention spreading, and he said: "Brothers, I advise you not to do anything rash. If you attack, the ones dying will be you. You can't change anything even if you give your life, so why waste it?"

    When they heard this, the men all clenched their teeth, but didn't move. They watched as he ran up ahead to catch up with the three men and disappeared out of their line of sight.

    "Damn it, he really left! To think that we regarded him as our boss all this time. He just left us like that, he has no loyalty!" One of the men stared angrily and then ran towards Du Fan's shadow as he shouted.

    "Forget it, no need to get angry. If you were in his position, would you not have left? It's the same for everyone else. What brotherhood, it's all just for show. If it weren't because we want to survive longer in here, who would have called that guy Boss?"

    Upon hearing those words, everyone's anger started to subside. This was a fact, so there was nothing really worth getting angry over. They were all ruthless and cruel men, they would never have treated anyone with sincerity anyway. In reality, they were just using each other.

    Feng Jiu and the three men had continued to walk towards the edge of the enchantment circle. At around noon, when they had almost reached the edge of the enchantment circle, Feng Jiu stopped and looked at the three men.

    "I am only saying this once, so remember this well."

    Although her voice was indifferent, there was a hint of warning in it: "What I hate most is betrayal. If I find out one day that either of you has betrayed me, then your fate won't be as simple as just death alone."

    Upon hearing this, Bai Xiao said immediately: "Master, don't worry, I will never betray you."

    "Me too." Xiang Hua said seriously.

    Du Fan looked at Feng Jiu and said: "My life belongs to Master. Without Master, I do not exist. In this life, no matter what, I will never betray Master."

    As if he was afraid Feng Jiu would not believe him, he then raised his fingers as he swore an oath: "If I violate this oath, heaven will persecute me!"
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