791 Ren Xiang of Qingfeng Inn

    His eyes shone after he had sworn his oath. Seeing this, Feng Jiu nodded and said to the three men: "Let me tell you about who I am! My name is Feng Jiu, a Princess from the Ninth Grade Country Phoenix Empire. Other than this status, I am also known as the Ghost Doctor. At the moment, I am studying alchemy at Nebula College. Since you will be my followers, you need to understand and know things about me. I will tell you more on the way back!"

    "Wait, Princess?" Bai Xiao stared at her with eyes wide open: "That means you are a girl?"

    "So what if I am a girl?" She raised her eyebrows and stared at him.

    Under piercing glare, Bai Xiao replied quickly: "No no, I was just thinking that I understand why Old White didn't want to leave when he saw you, because you're a girl."

    "Let's go!" She took out three jade tokens, one for each of them. She brought them out of the enchantment and headed towards town.

    Because Xiang Hua and Du Fan had no belongings having lived within the enchantment, even the clothes on their back belonged to others, Feng Jiu gave them each bag of money when they entered the city and told them to go and buy daily necessities that they needed.

    "We shall meet up in the evening at the inn up ahead." She pointed to the inn in front of her and after she left some instructions, she walked off. She had planned to ask around the locals to find out what the situation was at Tianyuan Palace over the last few days.

    After she walked around the city, her eyes fell onto a loft with the words Qingfeng Inn written on it. She remembered when Gray Wolf was thrown against here back then, and couldn't help but smile at the memory. After a short pause, she walked inside.

    "Young Master, it is still early and we are not open for business yet!" The man laid on the couch and said to her lazily without even opening his eyes.

    Feng Jiu looked at the man. He was dressed in purple clothes with a jade pendant that hung from his waist. A book was open atop his face and there were two guards on either side of him.

    "Ren Xiang?"

    When he heard these words, the man moved and the book slid off his face. Feng Jiu glanced at the pictures in the book and her mouth couldn't help but twitch.

    Reading porn early in the day, no wonder he was just an owner of a little male brothel.

    Ren Xiang looked at the person who was walking over towards him and jumped up immediately, his eyes bright as he stared at Feng Jiu and asked: "Aren't you the Ghost Doctor who has my Master completely mesmerised? Why are you here? And how do you know I've opened Qingfeng Inn?"

    When Feng Jiu heard this, she smiled and replied: "I've heard Gray Wolf mention that you're running this little inn. I happen to be passing by, so have come to take a look."

    As she spoke, her gaze landed on his face, he was more handsome that Gray Wolf and Shadow One: "It is true that it's better to see in person."

    "Likewise." He smiled meaningfully and motioned an invitation towards her: "Since you have come, then you must come in for a cup of tea. Come, there is a courtyard at the back."

    "Okay." She nodded and followed him out to the back.

    When they arrived at the courtyard at the back, they sat down at the table. The twin guards then poured them a cup of tea each then retreated a few steps backwards.

    Ren Xiang looked at Feng Jiu who was dressed as a man in red clothes and asked: "Since you have come here, there must be something that I can help you with?"

    He remembered his Master's instructions before he had left. The person in front of him would no doubt become his Master's wife in the future if nothing out of the ordinary were to happen.
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