792 Our Master Is Very Popular

    "Yes, there is. I want to know what the situation has been like at Tianyuan Palace." She asked without hesitation.

    "Tianyuan Palace? There has been a lot of chaos because of this recently in Green Gallop Country. They've divided into two factions, one of which has been attacking internally and many have turned to follow them. Why, are you interested in the factions?" He took a sip of tea while speaking, all the while staring at her.

    "Yes, you can say so."

    Ren Xiang took a sip of his tea then put it down on the table and said: "The factions have been very chaotic. One of the factions are brutal and have caused much dissatisfaction with many influential families. I received news yesterday that one of the rebellion groups have their eyes on Baishou Mountain. Centenarian Mountain is owned by a small family and they have lived there for many generations. It seems like they want to exterminate the whole family. The people from Tianyuan Palace are really vicious."

    Feng Jiu's expression turned dark when she heard this: "What about the other faction? They will just let them run riot?"

    "There are less people in the other faction. Apparently they used to be the Protector of Law, Xiang Hua's followers. There were fifty to sixty people at first. However, the leader of the other faction is a Nascent Soul cultivator and is always seeking opportunities to kill them off. There are only less than twenty people left now."

    "I reckon even if they want to retaliate, they won't have the forces to do so." He paused when he saw her expression and asked: "You are really interested in the faction? Do you need our help?"

    "Just give me all the information you have. I can handle the rest." She said calmly.

    He smiled and said: "Okay, but don't forget to look for me if you need help. Master has instructed us to assist you in anyway you require and Hell's Lord will want to help you."

    Upon hearing this, her eyes raised as she had a thought, and she asked: "Do you have any news of him?"

    Ren Xiang put his hand on his chin and smiled cheekily as he asked: "Who?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at him: "Of course I'm asking about your Master."

    "Master!" He sighed and shook his head: "Not so good."

    Upon hearing this, her heart quivered: "What do you mean by not so good? Is the Thousand Year Frost Poison acting up again? Or is it something else?"

    "Everything, besides his health, his situation isn't ideal at the moment either." Seeing the worry in her eyes, he continued: "When I received the news of your attack a while ago, I passed it on to Master. I reckon he is very worried about your wellbeing."

    Feng Jiu's eyes raised: "If you know he will be worried then why did you tell him? Nothing happened to me anyway. You will only make him worry if you give him such news, so why would you do it?"

    "Those people wanted to capture you to use against Master. Since Master left me here to keep an eye on things, then naturally I would have to report everything back to him." He smiled and continued: "I heard that you have a ten year contact with Master. Do you really intend not to see him for ten years?"

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu coughed out laughing and glanced at him up and down: "Are you sure you are not a woman? You are even more nosy than a woman."

    "I am only curious. Ten years is a long time. It is impossible to predict what will happen in this time, and if something were to happen, I'm afraid that you will be so heartbroken you can't even cry. I am just telling you the truth! My Master is very popular!"
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