794 Centenarian Mountain's Family Clan

    When the three men looked at the items she had passed over to them, their hearts jumped with excitement. Especially Du Fan, when he saw that his gift was a fan.

    "Thank you, Master."

    "Thank you, Mister."

    "I have something too?" Bai Xiao looked at the dagger and said: "But this is not really useful to me as I seldom use daggers." He wouldn't dare to kill anyone!

    "It's for you to use as protection. Why else would I give it to you?" Feng Jiu looked at him and indicated: "All of you sit down!" She then proceeded to order food from the waiter and filled the whole table up with food and wine.

    "Eat well tonight and have a good night's rest. Tomorrow morning Little Bai will come with me to Centenarian Mountain. Xiang Hua, Du Fan will go with you to get in touch with your previous followers. Once you have gathered everyone, secretly hideout by Centenarian Mountain and wait for my command." She then poured herself a cup of wine.


    The few men pondered over the matter as they ate and drank. After dinner, Feng Jiu had gone into her room to rest. Xiang Hua and Du Fan left the inn to see if they could contact any of previous followers.

    The next morning, after Feng Jiu passed on her instructions, she left for Centenarian Mountain with Bai Xiao. Rather than go searching for the people from Tianyuan Palace, she had decided that it was easier to wait for them at Centenarian Mountain.

    After nearly a day of flying, the two of them had finally reached the bottom of Centenarian Mountain by the evening. When she looked around at the mountain, she understood why the people from Tianyuan Palace wanted to take over this place.

    This place was really pretty good. They were surrounded by the mountain and there was only one exit. The bottom of the mountain was slightly indented and thus had formed a shape like a valley surrounded by mountains and water. It was the perfect meeting point for forces to gather. There was a thick mist in the air which made it seem like they were in a fairyland.

    "How do we get inside? I assume this place is private property? If we just go in without permission we would be apprehended." Bai Xiao looked around but could not see inside. He asked: " Do you think this place has traps?"

    Feng Jiu's forehead furrowed and said: "If you had been just as careful in the past, you wouldn't have been buried alive."

    "But look at this place, it's so weird. Family clans are usually based in more prosperous lands. That's the same as mine. But look at this place! It's not so bad in the day, but I can imagine it must be creepy at night."

    Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu's eyes wavered as she observed: "What you said does make sense. I was only concerned about gathering information about the people from Tianyuan Palace and I had forgotten to ask for information about the family clans. I heard that they are only a small family and not very popular. It is a little strange that the family have chosen to stay here."

    "Right? I thought it was weird. This is a massive mountain and there is only one small family clan who lives here, it's very strange indeed." Bai Xiao noticed that the sky had gone darker and asked: "Mister, do we go in? Or do we find somewhere to rest outside?"

    "Of course we will go in! Otherwise what it is the point in coming here?" She looked at the darkening sky and continued: "It is getting dark, so we can go inside and say we are looking for shelter."

    She then strode inside with Bai Xiao following behind her. After they had crossed the road in front of them, Feng Jiu stopped.
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