796 We’ve seen Young Master

    "We're just leaving just like this?" Bai Xiao looked back over his shoulder and saw that the strange man had disappeared. That dangerous aura had also faded away.

    "Mm, this place doesn't feel quite right. We can't go back in." After taking him out of the array, they arrived at the foot of the mountain. "We'll wait for Xiang Hua and others down the mountain. We can't enter this place."

    "Wasn't that man so fierce? I got goosebumps when he showed up."

    "It's not that your hair stood on end when he appeared. Rather, it's very cold inside. Whenever the sky gets dark, the cold Yin air becomes stronger. So I think there should be something filthy in it."

    "What? Filthy, filthy things? Those that were light as feathers?" He asked in a quivering voice, his face turned white with fear. He had been wandering outside for so long, yet never encountered the filthy things she said. How could he run into this kind of stuff after only several days following her?

    "Mm, I'll have someone check on the place later. I tell you what, you wait for me inside the city. I'll wait here for Xiang Hua and others, then look for you in the city. By the way, take this and go to a shop in the city that has the same pattern as this token. Then, ask them for the information on the Centenarian Mountain. " She motioned for him to leave first.

    Bai Xiao took it from her and asked with a worried look. "I'm leaving first? So what will you do then? This place is so dangerous. Are you alright alone?"

    "Don't worry! I won't go in. Hurry up! Go to the city before dark. " She told him.

    "All right then! Anyway, I can't fight and unable to help you, so I'm not going to hold you back. I'll wait for you at the first inn in the city. Look for me once you all get there." As he spoke, he put the token away and headed into town.

    After seeing him leave, Feng Jiu looked back at the strange mountain top. She also left and went to the tree beside the mountain path to wait for Xiang Hua.

    That night, Xiang Hua and the others didn't show up, as well as those group of people from the Heavenly Dynasty Place. However, she noticed that there seemed to be some light floating in the Centenarian Mountain. As the night deepened, she also heard a faint strange sound.

    The next day, in the daytime, things were as usual. The Centenarian Mountain looked just like an ordinary mountain. She noticed that once in a while some people entered the mountain to chop firewood or gather herbs by accident, then got out safely after circling the mountain.

    That night, silence still reigned throughout the place. Something cold and gloomy seemed to fill the air. The night seemed very calm and nothing happened. However, on the third day, the group of people from the Heavenly Dynasty Palace came led by a Nascent Soul. There were nearly 100 people, each of them carrying a ferocious aura. They marched towards the Centenarian Mountain.

    Seeing those people went in, her eyes jolted. After about a half column of incense time, she saw Xiang Hua and Du Fan arriving with twenty people in tow. She raised her vital energy and leapt to the mountain road.

    "Young Master."

    "Young Master."

    Those two people called out to her and came to her side. Then, Xiang Hua introduced the group to her. "They are all from the Heavenly Dynasty Palace and the brothers that I managed to find. I've told them that Young Master is the Palace Master's disciple and they are willing to follow you."

    "We've seen Young Master." Those group of about twenty people gave a salute. They gazed at the red-robed Feng Jiu with curiosity and scrutinizing look.
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