797 How much his life’s worth

    Feng Jiu cast her gaze over them. There were only twenty one people. They all looked middle-aged, but in fact, they were definitely not over 30 or 40 years old.

    Fifteen of them were at the Foundation Building level while the other six were Golden Core cultivators. Compared to those people she saw earlier, Although they carried killing intent, they were not ferocious as those people. However, they still had a strong smell of blood. Obviously, their hands were stained with many people's lives.

    She nodded. "Since everyone is here, let's go!" With these words, she walked into the city.

    However, all the people who heard her were stunned. One of them asked, "Young Master, they have entered the Centenarian Mountain. Aren't we going in?"

    "We're not going in." She neither stopped walking nor looked back.

    The person behind frowned and asked in a not too well tone, "What are we doing here if we don't go in?" Originally, they intended to follow her after hearing from Protector of the Law Xiang that she had the skills and also that she was the Palace Master's disciple. Now that they've seen her, she's just so.

    Feng Jiu stopped and glanced back at the man. "Are you questioning me?"

    Seeing this, Xiang Hua hastened to say, "Young Master, Ah Qiang didn't mean that." He had not seen her kill, nor had he seen her ruthlessness. He knew that they shouldn't offend her dignity.

    "I just want to ask, why don't we go in? Don't we come here to stop them from killing people and occupying land by force? " The middle-aged man quietly, ignoring Xiang Hua's signal.

    "Impudent! The Master's word should be obeyed, why did you ask so many whys!" Du Fan snapped and glared at Ah Qiang, the middle-aged man.

    "We heard from Protector of the Law Xiang that Young Master was the Palace Master's disciple and so we came here. We thought that he should be remarkable. However, unexpectedly, I got disappointed. Did Young Master get scared after seeing them and dare not fight them? In that case, what's this talk about reorganizing Heavenly Dynasty Palace? What's this talk about reviving the reputation of Heavenly Dynasty Palace? "

    Feng Jiu didn't pay attention to him. Instead, she looked at Xiang Hua. "So, this is the man you brought?"

    Hearing this, Xiang Hua hung down his head. "I'm sorry, Young Master." Any explanation was too weak, making the gap even farther apart. Immediately, he stepped forward and kicked the middle-aged man to a kneeling position.

    "Apologize to Young Master."

    "Protector of the Law Xiang, let me go!" The middle-aged man struggled. "This boy can't afford my bow!"

    When Xiang Hua came to them, he only told them that Feng Jiu was the disciple of Chu Batian and the man possessing the Qingfeng sword. He didn't tell them much. Therefore, they also thought that Feng Jiu was a man.

    Seeing this scene, Feng Jiu smiled and motioned to him. "Let go of him."

    Xiang Hua took a look at her and released his hand to let the man stand up. Unexpectedly, the man swung his fist at Feng Jiu as soon as he stood up. He spoke angrily, "I'd like to know how much skill you have inherited from the Palace Master!"

    "Ah Qiang! You, stay your hand!" Xiang Hua shouted with great alarm. When he was about to step forward, others restrained him.

    "Protector of the Law Xiang, take a look! You brought us to follow such a boy. Let us see what skill he has! Such a man really deserves to hold the Qingfeng sword and become our palace master? "

    "It's alright, I also want to see how much his life's worth after all."
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