799 The invisible hand


    There's a ghost!

    This place is haunted!

    Those words reverberating in his mind, making him drenched in cold sweat. Hearing the footsteps behind him and the groaning sound that echoed back to him from time to time, he shuddered inwardly.

    He had heard that there were ghosts, evil spirits and a type of demonic cultivation in the world, but he had never encountered them!

    At this moment, he finally knew why Feng Jiu didn't come in. She knew early on that there's something fishy with this place. No wonder, no wonder those group of over a hundred people made no sound here.

    Were they all dragged away by the ghost?

    If that's the case, there's no need for them to get in. They all disappeared. Did they come here to die?


    The footsteps sounded a bit chaotic as if people were following him closely. The wind blew accompanied by the rustle of leaves. He had no idea whether it was delusional. A burst of bizarre laughter that seemed to come from the shadows was heard...

    He was in cold sweat and didn't dare to turn round. He pretended that he didn't know what happened behind him. While walking out of the array, he spoke, "Let's leave! We can't enter this place. "

    "It doesn't matter. I know the way. I'll take you in..."

    The eerie voice behind him scared him to scream out and dash away. However, at this time, a pair of cold hands stretched out to pull his feet and dragged him away.

    "It doesn't matter... I know the way. I'll take you in..."


    His involuntary shriek pierced the night sky and echoed through the night. However, it seemed that the sound was blown away by the night wind and only a faint sound wafted away...

    The night was deep and the Centenarian Mountain was still quiet. Only, there seemed to be somebody in the deepest place. There was a lantern flickering faintly...

    Du Fan, who followed Feng Jiu to the city, kept silent all the way. He looked at Feng Jiu from time to time. He was wondering how she knew about this.

    The secular world didn't tolerate demons. Similar to devilry cultivation, they could only live in the shadows. The right-path cultivators could walk transparently in the open, but they were devilry cultivators. When they spoke about it, others would beat the path of retreat.

    Normally, most people died and turn into spirits. If they didn't enter the path of reincarnation, they would float between heaven and earth for a period of time and then vanish like a puff of smoke. Those who perished with a strong sense of resentment and unwillingness would have their thoughts fester after death and they would become fierce ghosts and evil spirits.

    Devilry cultivation was even less because it needed opportunities, just like ordinary people stepping into the road of immortal cultivation. It was not the path that everyone could enter.

    Not all people could see ghosts. Because of this, most people felt that ghosts were more terrible than cultivators since they had no inkling when they would be haunted by evil spirits.

    However, when the cultivation reached a certain level, common ghosts couldn't get close to a cultivator's body. Even, ghosts couldn't get close and possess those with powerful or fierce intent.

    He was curious, how did Master know that the place was strange? How did she know if they got in, there would be no way out? Had she explored the way first?

    However, if she had explored the way, how could she come out perfectly alright?

    After a long silence, Xiang Hua looked at the red-robed Feng Jiu and asked, "Young Master, can they come out after entering the place?"
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