800 I thought you were dragged away by the ghosts

    Walking leisurely into the city, Feng Jiu's lips curled up. Her eyes were chilly while her manner of speaking was indifferent. "It depends on their ability."

    Xiang Hua's heart sunk when he heard this. Depending on their ability? So, everything pointed to disaster? What's so weird about that place? What prompted her to stay away from that place and say that?

    They were silent during the journey until they reached the inn. Bai Xiao, at the gate of the inn, had been waiting for them for three days. He saw them coming and raised his hand, shouting, "Young Master, Young Master. I am here, here!"

    He ran up to Feng Jiu and looked her up and down. "Are you alright? You weren't back after so many days. I thought you were dragged away by the ghosts. " Before the words registered in the brain, Feng Jiu tapped him immediately.

    "Even if they can drag you away, they won't be able to drag me away. " She laughed and scolded, and tapped him on his head. "Have you got the information?"

    He grinned and rubbed his head. "It was delivered yesterday."

    "Mm, let's get in and talk." She smiled and with a nod walked into the room he had reserved.

    After hearing Bai Xiao's words, Xiang Hua, who followed throughout the journey, had his eyes shrunk. He lagged behind a step and held Du Fan back. "Du Fan, you've been inside before. Is it true that inside that place..."

    "I didn't see it, but something wasn't quite right inside and there was a formation. If I wasn't familiar with the array, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to come out."

    He paused for a moment. "After getting along with each other, you should also know something about our Master's character. Those people brought about their own destruction. They couldn't blame Master, not even a bit. You'd better not lose your proper manner. Don't forget how you got out of there."

    Xiang Hua's eyes revealed a resolute determination. "Don't worry. I can distinguish my priorities."

    The two didn't mention this matter again but went upstairs into that side room.

    At the side table, Bai Xiao poured Feng Jiu tea while talking. "Since you weren't back, I read the information on it first. To the outside world, the Centeranian Mountain looked like an ordinary mountain. However, from this data, strangely, it's really similar to a ghost mountain."

    He sat down beside her. "It says that some ordinary people will come out again after they circled about. But when some cultivators went in, they didn't reappear."

    "What's more, this place is very horrifying at night time. There is a faint spirit fire flickering. This information speculated that perhaps this place is a ghost village, or maybe the people in this clan raise ghosts. In short, this is a dangerous place."

    Feng Jiu looked at the above information while listening to Bai Xiao making a fuss over the news. She couldn't help laughing. "No matter how dangerous that place is, you were able to come out. At that time, no ghosts dragged you away. There's no need to worry."

    "At that time, the man was staring at you all the time. I think if you were not there, I would have been dragged away." He could not help but shiver at the thought of the man in black.

    After a good while, Feng Jiu closed the material and handed it back to Bai Xiao. "Those Heavenly Dynasty Palaces's group of over a hundred people got in and couldn't get out also. By chance, we avoid having to take care of it ourselves."

    She stood up and flicked her robe. "Find your own room to rest, we stay here for two days. If the situation remains the same, we'll make a move again." As she spoke, she motioned them to leave.

    "Yes." The three assented and left.
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