801 Uncertain

    Outside, Xiang Hua hesitated, facing Bai Xiao. "Show me the information!"

    Both Du Fan and Bai Xiao looked at him. After a slight pause, Bai Xiao handed over the information. "Take a look at it! I'll have to give it back later. "

    "Mm." Xiang Hua assented. After receiving the data, he entered another room prepared by a waiter.

    Bai Xiao told Du Fan, "Why don't we go downstairs and get some food?"

    "Mm." Du Fan nodded and went downstairs with him. They ordered and filled their stomachs with two bowls of snacks.

    In the middle of the meal, Bai Xiao suddenly spoke. "She didn't seem to have eaten yet, right?" Hence, he ordered two more dishes and have the waiter send them upstairs.

    An hour later, the door of the guest room upstairs opened and Xiang Hua came out. After seeing the two men downstairs, he went down and handed the information back to Bai Xiao, then went back to his room.

    "What's the matter with him? Why does he seem odd? " After drinking half a bowl of soup, Bai Xiao asked a waiter to remove the dishes from the table. He looked at Du Fan and asked, "Aren't you going to contact those people? Why are only the two of you coming back with Young Master? "

    Du Fan watched Xiang Hua's figure from the back. "Those people entered the mountain."

    Bai Xiao gasped. "That can't be, right? Did they really go into the mountains? Aren't they too bold?"

    Du Fan stood up and went toward the second floor. "I'll go back and have a rest first." Without waiting for Bai Xiao's reply, he stepped to the second floor.

    Seeing each of them was odd, Bai Xiao didn't pay any attention to those two. He collected the materials and planned to return it. After all, they told him that there was only one copy. He would finish reading it and send it back.

    As the night deepened, the inn was quiet. However, at midnight, Xiang Hua opened the door and was about to walk out. He saw a shadow sitting on the fence in front of the door and looking at him.

    "Do you want to create trouble for Master?" Du Fan stared at him, his voice cold.

    Xiang Hua was silent. After a good while, he answered. "It's because I don't want to give Young Master trouble that I plan to go alone at night."

    "Don't go. You won't see a living person when you return. Even if you go, you'll just be another dead person. Master doesn't want to set foot in that strange place. Why would you need to wade in this muddy water?"

    "But I brought them..."

    "They were originally going to follow that group. Even without you, they would go into the mountain. Not just you, even Master had reminded them. It was they who were obstinately determined to go to their deaths. It's no wonder."

    Hearing this, Xiang Hua kept silent and stood still.

    "Since you have followed Master, you should take her orders as the first priority whether those people are dead or alive. If the Master doesn't say it, you should care about it less." With these words, he rose and went back to his room.

    After standing at the door for a long time, Xiang Hua faced the Centenary Mountain and sighed. Then, he turned and entered his room.

    The next morning, Feng Jiu was eating downstairs. At the other table, Bai Xiao and Xiang Hua were having tea. After a while, Du Fan, who was out to inquire about the news, came in.

    "Master, none of those who entered the mountain came out again. They are all inside."


    She responded with a hum. She was wondering in her mind, what's the matter with that clan? Even things written on the data were only speculation and shallow things. However, important things pertaining to what's inside the place were not mentioned at all.

    Even, no one had ever seen the clan's people walked out of the Centenarian Mountain...
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