804 Haunted forest’s maze

    "Do you know the way... It doesn't matter. I know the way. I'll bring you there... Ah..."

    The faint voice came out with a horrifying and gloomy aura. Just as the ghost finished speaking, it let out a piercing scream. The blood-curdling shriek almost split the night at that very moment and shattered the eerie atmosphere inside. In an instant, a sound similar to birds flapping their wings was heard in the night.

    Du Fan and Xiang Hua were tense. They were on tenterhooks ever since they stepped into this place.

    They were so scared that they were about to open their mouth and shouted loudly, especially when they saw the strange and frightening white ghost that suddenly appeared in front of Feng Jiu. But the, they saw Feng Jiu flipped her palm and a cluster of impregnable flames burned that ghost until it vanished into a puff of smoke.

    When they witnessed this scene, they were even more shocked since they noticed that there was no breath of spirit power in her body. But at that moment, blazing fires suddenly materialized in her hands and burned the ghost at a lightning speed so that the ghost couldn't escape.

    They thought women were always scared of ghosts and this fear came from the bone marrow, almost instinctive. Unexpectedly, she looked at the ghost with extreme calm and annihilated the ghost with a toss of her palm.

    "If I want to come in, do I need you to show me the way?" Feng Jiu snorted coldly. She raised her hand and the flame was extinguished. She continued moving forward.

    The two men didn't dare linger behind. They immediately followed her.

    At this moment, Du Fan realized the Master's cultivation in array formation was superior to him. He had to look over carefully to the left and right while she walked so casually. However, every point that she stepped on was the eye of the array. At this point, the originally changing formation only transformed in the front part of the road while the back was almost like a straight road.

    It was as if a ghostly apparition had been extinguished by her wave of the hand. On the way down, no ghost appeared at their side except for the strange noises of the night. Not even footsteps were heard.

    Until after they walked out of the losing track array, they saw in the dark that dense fog still pervading the air. However, there was a faint green will-o'-the-wisp flickering in the midst of the thick fog.

    They didn't know if it was their illusions. Xiang Hua and Du Fan could only see that in the dark night, no matter in the sky or on the ground, in the trees or on the grass, there were faintly discernible traces of... ghosts!

    The sheer quantity of ghosts made them gasp.

    Feng Jiu, at the front, glancing around indifferently. Her eyes also took in the scene containing the ghosts at once. The ghosts' muffled cries echoed in the air and drifted along with the night wind.

    At the same time, the fog in front of them seemed to have been lifted by hands and automatically parted to both sides, showing a winding path. A man in black with a black cloak draped on his body appeared on the road, looking up slightly at Feng Jiu.

    "Come in." The man turned slightly to his side and made a sign of invitation.

    She didn't look attentively that day. Now when she took a second look, Feng Jiu found the so-called man in black was actually a devilry cultivator.

    Since it's devilry cultivation, it could also explain why they could silently appear not far away from them without being noticed on that day.
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