807 Becoming sworn sisters

    Feng Jiu lips curved in a smile. "Although tonight is my first time to meet Big Sister, it's like I've known you for a long time. Judging from your bearing, you must not have come from the Green Gallop Country. After only chatting with you for a moment, I know that you've taken an interest in this Qingfeng sword for some time. That's why I dare to push it in front of you, believing that you won't take it away."

    Hearing this, Wanyan Qianhua chuckled. "I see you're a clever one. My little brothers are not as weird as you."

    "Then let me tell Big Sister that although I like to dress as a man, I'm a woman and not a man at all." She said slyly, blinking her eyes at her.

    Wanyan Qianhua was stunned. "Huh? Female? What about your chest? " During the conversation, her eyes fell on her flat bosom that couldn't get even flatter. Her expression turned strange. "So unexpected."

    Feng Jiu's lips curved up. Seeing Xiang Hua and Du Fan who stood at the side looking embarrassed with their heads lowered, she coughed softly. "Of course, mine can't be compared with Big Sister's"

    "Hehehe, of course."

    She chuckled, covering her red lips. After seeing the Qingfeng sword shone, she didn't touch it again but pushed it back to Feng Jiu. "Put it away! Since Qingfeng sword is a magic sword of ancient time, not just anyone can obtain it. Since you can obtain the sword, it should have recognized you as its Lord. I will not contend with you for this sword, because I find that you are more interesting than this sword."

    Feng Jiu stared blankly for a second, then smiled. "It's the first time that I'm being compared with a sword. I have no idea whether I should cry or laugh."

    "It means that your charm is greater than that of the ancient magic sword. Of course, you should laugh." She sat up straight, picked up the wine pot and poured two cups of wine. "Today, I acknowledge you as my Little Sister."

    Feng Jiu smiled and held up the wine cup. "Big Sister, I salute you with this cup." After finished speaking, she raised her head and drank up the wine.

    "Good." Wanyan Qianhua also raised her glass with a smile: "After drinking this cup of wine, you are Wanyan Qianhua's little sister." She drank the wine in one gulp.

    Apart from Bai Xiao, who was unconscious and snored like a pig, the still clear-headed Xiang Hua and Du Fan didn't know what to say of this scene.

    They thought it was going to be a fierce battle, but in the end, it became a rite to acknowledge sworn sisters.

    "By the way, Sister Jiu, those twenty people are still hanging! In exchange for their lives, they told me that you have Qingfeng sword. I originally wanted to clean those traitors up so that they would not die easily. Now that you are here, I'll leave them to you. "

    "They're still alive?" Xiang Hua looked up at Feng Jiu in surprise. "Young Master...."

    Feng Jiu frowned slightly and glanced back at him. "Xiang Hua, don't forget your identity. Do you think I can be kind to them?"

    Xiang Hua stiffened. That's true! They betrayed the young master and told the story of Qingfeng sword in exchange for their lives. It was already a crime of death. How could he ask the Master to save their life!

    "I have never been merciful to those who betrayed me. Big Sister, deal with them as you see fit." She told Wanyan Qianhua.

    Wanyan Qianhua chuckled and said softly, "This is simple. I'm collecting ten thousand ghosts for my ten-thousand demons banner. I won't refuse an extra twenty-one ghosts."
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