808 Giving each other gifts

    "Ten-thousand demons banner?"

    When Feng Jiu heard this, her eyes widened in surprise. "It looks like a small flag. Is the ten-thousand demons banner so powerful when it's brandished? So that's why there are so many ghosts outside?"

    "Oh? Have you heard of it? " Wanyan Qianhua looked at her in amazement: "No one, except the ones in this place, should know that."

    "I heard that after collecting the strength of ten thousand souls, the ten-thousand demons banner can exercise magical powers and create a drastic change in the current situation. In a word, it's very powerful."

    "I didn't expect you to know that. Yes, it is. Moreover, the fiercer the ghost, the more powerful the banner is." As she spoke, with a flick of her hand, a black flag appeared in her palm.

    "Take a look."

    She motioned to Feng Jiu and then raised the flag in her hand. The ghosts outside were flying back one by one, entering her little flag with a whoosh.

    Feng Jiu was shocked when he saw the white ghost floating in from outside. The ghost got into the little flag, but the flag didn't get bigger. It was a small one, yet surging with a chilly and extremely cold aura. As the flag swayed, the bamboos in the bamboo forest were rustling in the wind.

    "It's too terrible! So many ghosts have been collected inside." She spoke with her eyes shining. "Big Sister, your flag truly is a treasure."

    Wanyan Qianhua smiled. "If you don't say that it's a treasure, I wouldn't have thought of it. I've recognized you as my sister, how can I not send you some gift?" She raised her hand and put the flag away. Then she turned it over. Finally, out of nowhere, she took out a pendant.

    "Come here." She waved.

    Feng Jiu rose and stepped forward. When she came to her, the pendant was tied to her waist. She looked at it. The pendant was exquisitely made, adorned with tiny jade beads. Below it was a small purple bell and a small gourd. The gourd looked like wood, but it was delicately carved. It seemed to have unreadable patterns on its surface.

    "Big Sister, what is the pattern on the gourd?" She asked curiously.

    "Don't look down on these two things. They are both treasures. When you walk later on, even if you can't see the evil things, the little bell at your waist will chime to warn you."

    In addition, this little gourd was carved from a spirit peach tree from Jiu Hua's mountain. A great Taoist Master carved the runes. With this treasure, no demons and ghosts dare to come near you. Moreover, after you drop blood to acknowledge as its master, this little gourd can also be used to collect ghosts. Ordinary little ghosts will enter and after six hours, it will dissolve into nutrients. Even the most powerful one won't last a day."

    Feng Jiu's eyes glowed with excitement because of her words. She looked at the ornament at her waist, both elated and moved. "Big Sister, thank you for the gift. I like it so much."

    "It's great that you like it. Will you give this Big Sister a first meeting gift, too?" She asked with a wink.

    "First meeting gift, ah!" She thought for a moment. "My magic weapons are all not very presentable. The only satisfactory one is this." She took out ten bottles of elixirs from the space and laid them before her as if they were treasures.

    "Big Sister, I haven't told you that I'm an Alchemist, have I? These are all refined by me. You can use them as you like. I will send you some new potions later. "
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