809 Assigning tasks


    Wanyan Qianhua was shocked for a moment. She didn't have much expectation. After all, Feng Jiu was too young. What kind of elixir could she make? However, when she opened a bottle and smelled it, she couldn't help but look at Feng Jiu and ask, "What Alchemist rank are you?"

    She grinned triumphantly. "A high-level Saint-rank alchemist."

    Wanyan Qianhua was stunned, her mouth was open. Then she laughed happily. "I picked up a treasure. I actually recognized a Saint-rank alchemist as my little sister. Haha, a Saint-rank alchemist still in her teens. You have a great future!"

    As soon as she finished speaking, she pulled Feng Jiu to her side., "Come here, little sister Jiu. I'm asking you to make a bottle of beauty potion next time. You'd better make my face more beautiful."

    Feng Jiu's eyes brightened when she heard her words. "Big Sister, I've already thought about making this before. Let me tell you, there are no elixirs made for beauty yet. I'm recently learning to refine pills and got more than a dozen spirit herbs to maintain youth and beautiful skin. I intended to research it more after going back. I will send it to Big Sister after I finished refining them."

    "Come, let's go back to the courtyard and chat. It's too cold here at night." She led her to the courtyard and told the devilry cultivator to take good care of Du Fan and the other 2 men.

    That night, Feng Jiu and Wanyan Qianhua spent a whole night talking. They didn't go to sleep until dawn.

    Bai Xiao was finally awakened at dawn. He was at a loss and confused. He didn't know how he could arrive at this place. But when he saw Du Fan and Xiang Hua were also there, he didn't make any fuss.

    However, they didn't see Feng Jiu for the whole day until night fell. The three of them was told not to leave the residence at night, but Bai Xiao didn't pay much attention. When he opened the gate and planned to go out for a stroll, he was stunned by the drifting ghosts.

    Feng Jiu stayed here for three days. She said goodbye to Wanyan Qianhua in the morning of the fourth day and left with Du Fan and others.

    While walking down the Centenarian Mountain, she looked back at the mountaintop. Her heart was deeply moved. She didn't expect to find a sister on this journey, but Feng Jiu knew it was very advantageous to recognize her as Big Sister.

    Not only was her strength deep and immeasurable, but Wanyan Qianhua was also not from the Green Gallop Country. She thought she should have been from the first-grade country, but unexpectedly, she came from one of the Eight Supreme Empires.

    No wonder, coming from the mysterious city in the sky at that powerful empire, she had such strength and cultivation.

    Returning her line of sight, she looked at the three people around her, and finally, her gaze landed on Xiang Hua. "Xiang Hua, Du Fan."

    "Young Master."

    "Young Master." Two people stepped forward, responded to her.

    "Xiang Hua, those people in Heavenly Dynasty Palace are all dead and you are the only one left. I don't know how many people are still lurking outside. In a word, the next thing about the Heavenly Dynasty Palace is left to you and Du Fan to take care of and expand. But remember, the reorganized Heavenly Dynasty Palace can't turn evil. If some evil things appear, I'll only ask you."

    "Yes." The two men respectfully answered.

    "In addition, ask about the whereabouts of the descendants of the Chu clan to see if there is any news. As for Little Bai..."

    Her gaze fell on Bai Xiao. "Within three months, I want to see you tame a spirit beast within the ninth-rank. Within six months, you must master the formula of controlling the beast. If there is no progress and no result, don't blame me for kicking you back to your family."
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