810 Refining the Beauty Pill


    The three men answered as they looked at her. Du Fan asked: "Master, are you going back to Nebula Academy? How do we find you when we need you in the future?"

    "The three of you have a jade letter tube in your bags. When you need to, you can send me a message. If you can solve the matter yourself then don't look for me." As she spoke, she threw out her flying feather. She sat on the feather and looked down at the three men.

    "Xiang Hua, find a place to settle down, then go to Phoenix Empire and bring Luo Yu and the rest of them there."

    "Yes." Xiang Hua replied. He watched as she nodded and flew away.

    "Let's go too! I know a place that can deal with the starting point of Tianyuan Palace. I will take you there." Du Fan said to the two men.

    The two men agreed and left with him.

    This matter was resolved quietly without a hitch. Tianyuan Palace had been buzzing with activity recently, and yet now had faded out of everyone's mind. No one knew that Tianyuan Palace was like a new bud, growing new branches and leaves, waiting for its moment.....

    After a few days, Feng Jiu arrived at the academy and went straight to the main peak.

    "Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, the matter has been resolved." She had sat herself down at the table without being asked and poured herself a cup of tea.

    The two men looked at her, she didn't seem tired at all, and they asked in surprise: "We received news that the people from Tianyuan Palace entered Centenarian Mountain and never left. Did you enter that place too?"

    "Centenarian Mountain? Yes, I went there too." She nodded and lowered her voice: "However, it is best not to go to that place if possible. Tell the students in the academy they shouldn't go there out of curiosity, otherwise, they might not make it out."

    "Is that place really weird?" The Deputy Headmaster asked.

    Feng Jiu looked at him and smiled: "I can tell you for certain that even if you both enter that place, if the owner refuses to let you leave, you will not be able to get out of there. However, don't ask me anymore as I have promised I won't speak about it." She waved her hand and had two cups of tea before she stood up: "I am going back to take a rest first, I am exhausted."

    The two men's foreheads furrowed when they heard this as she didn't look exhausted at all. However, they didn't ask her to stay, but saw her out themselves.

    After she arrived back at her cave dwelling, she took a bath and changed back into her student uniform. She didn't rest but researched on how to refine the Beauty Pill instead. Her research took a few days. When she first started, the furnace had exploded a few times and caused a lot of commotion. Even the two men up at the main peak were alarmed.

    The two men had come over to see what was happening. They wanted to know why the furnace kept exploding when Feng Jiu was refining pills. They just happened to bump into him as he was coming back from getting a new furnace.

    "Feng Jiu, is there something wrong with you? Why do the furnaces keep exploding after you've used it for a few days? Do you need a few pointers from us?"

    When she heard this, her eyes lit up and she stopped them: "You've come at the right time teacher. I am trying to refine a Beauty Pill. Can you both come inside and help me figure out where I have gone wrong? I have wasted quite a lot of medicinal herbs."

    "Wha, what Beauty Pill?"

    The two men were stunned when they heard that. What sort of pill is a Beauty Pill? They've never refined such a pill before! Just as they had wanted to say something, Feng Jiu dragged them into his alchemy room.

    This was the first time the two men had been inside. When they saw the table covered with precious medicinal herbs, their eyes widened.
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