811 Gift From Alchemy Teacher

    "You, you good for nothing!"

    The two men stared at each other and yelled as they came forward to pick up the elixir, then put it back down as they saw some residual medicinal powder on the floor. The air also had a smell of burnt medicine that had not dissipated. It was so upsetting it hurt.

    "This, this medicine is worth a thousand dollars! You can't even exchange something like that with contribution points in the academy. You rascal, you actually used so much precious medicinal herbs to refine some Beauty Pill? You're just a good for nothing prodigal....."

    Feng Jiu was a little stunned when she saw how distressed the two men were, they looked like they just wanted to take the elixir away with them. She couldn't help and smiled: "Teachers, but you don't know the advantages of my Beauty Pill."

    She stepped forwards and smiled as she explained to the two men: "My Beauty Pill is created especially for women. After the elixir is formed, it has beautifying and whitening properties. What's more, it can restore a woman's face to its most beautiful stage. If there are any scars on the face, it can also repair it. This pill can be called Beauty Pill and Reconstructing Pill, it can protect a woman's youth and beauty forever. Isn't it a rare and good thing?"

    She spoke with exuberance while the two teachers listened with a gloomy expression and shook their heads sighing. Their tone was serious as they advised: "Feng Jiu, you are a good kid and are a promising young man with a bright future ahead of you. You are our only hope for the Alchemy Division. But you must remember that you are a man, us men shouldn't meddle too much with things concerning women. Just like the rouge on a woman, it's not for men."

    Upon hearing those words, Feng Jiu held back her laughter. She had wanted to say something else but seeing that neither of the two teachers looked impressed, and remembered that they didn't know that she was a girl, therefore she said with a straight face: "Yes, mentor has taught me well and I will remember your teachings. Rest assured teachers, I will not let you down. I will make sure that our Alchemy Division becomes famous and make sure that the other Divisions won't look down on us."

    "Good, good, good!"

    As soon as the two men heard this, they cheered up immediately and said with smiles on their faces: "We knew you are a good boy with and are highly motivated. That's good."

    They nodded, their faces beamed with pride and relief, and looked at him as if he were a little child. They then said: "Look at you, you've lost weight, you must have suffered from your last trip out. Since you got back, you've been stuck here practising alchemy, you look thin and haggard. I have some Lingzhi here, bring it to the kitchen and get them to make some soup with it for you to replenish your body."

    "I have some mountain ginseng here, it is very old. Look at you, so thin and haggard. Come, come, take this and eat it. Just cut a few slices to eat each time. You can't eat too much or you will be heaty."

    "That's right, that's right, you need to look after yourself. We haven't come to visit you often as we are busy practising alchemy. It's good that you are a good child and are so smart and talented. You know how to do your own research so your progress is not halted. We are so ashamed!"

    Feng Jiu led the two men into the main hall of the cave dwelling to sit down. She had wanted to offer them tea when she realised that she had no water. Therefore, she offered them wine instead as she spoke to them: "Teachers, you are too kind to me. Don't worry! I won't let you down!"
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