812 Loud Clap Of Thunder

    "Okay, we believe that you won't let us down."

    The two men took a sip of their drink as they spoke and realised they were drinking wine. Once the wine entered their mouths, there was a strong spiritual energy that dissipated, and they couldn't help but sing praise: "Good wine!"

    "It just so happened that I ran out of tea, so I served you both wines instead. Since you're enjoying the wine, then do drink more." She smiled as she poured them more wine.

    The two men were happy when they heard this, and happier still drinking the wine. Without realising it, they had both had a bit too much to drink and were swaying side to side when they left.

    After she saw the two men out, she kept the Lingzhi and Mountain Ginseng that she had been given and returned to the alchemy room to continue working on her Beauty Pill. Once she had devoted herself to something, she was unable to focus on anything else. She had spent months researching the Beauty Pill.

    Over the past few months, there had been faint thundering sounds that came from the alchemy peak. Occasionally, there was the sound of the pill furnace exploding that echoed above the alchemy peak. Guan Xilin and Ye Jing had visited her during this time, but never saw her. She seemed to have been consumed with researching her Beauty Pill.

    In two weeks time, it would be Chinese New Year and all the students from the various Divisions were busy packing for their trip home. However, Feng Jiu never left her cave dwelling...

    At the main peak.

    "I heard that she had locked herself inside for a few months practising alchemy. Has she still not come out yet?" The Headmaster asked the Deputy Headmaster.

    "No, I have been a few times and only seen her three beasts standing guard outside, but not seen her at all. Master Mo Chen went to visit her when he came last month, and he also didn't see her." The Deputy Headmaster thought of Master Mo Chen's reaction when he had received the piece of clothing from Feng Jiu, and his thoughts drifted.

    He paused and looked around. Seeing that there was no one else, he asked the Headmaster: "Headmaster, what do you think Master Mo Chen's intentions are?"

    "I don't know." The Headmaster shook his head and said: "Let the young handle their own affairs. We can't control them."

    "I suppose. But I'm afraid that Master Mo Chen will be ruined by Feng Jiu. That is the hardest thing for a man is to get over falling in love." He shook his head and sighed.

    Upon hearing this, the Headmaster couldn't help but smile: "Is that to say that you also had a similar experience in your younger days? How come I've never heard you mention it before?"


    The Deputy Headmaster laughed: "There's nothing to mention, there's nothing to mention." He waved his hand and said: "I just remembered that I have something to do, I better get going." Without waiting for a reply, he left in haste.

    However, before he was able to step out of the main peak entrance, a loud noise that sounded through the sky shook the entrance door and gave him a shock. He held on to the entrance door and shouted: "What's going on? What's that noise? Is it from the Alchemy Division again?"

    The Headmaster came outside, at the same time as several students who came rushing in to report: "Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, the thundering sound is from the Alchemy Peak. We saw the thunder and lightning strike down at the same time. It was very powerful, and the whole peak is unstable. Some students have already gone forth to find out what's happened."

    The Headmaster shook his head and smiled: "I know that it definitely has something to do with the Alchemy Division. And to have such a big commotion, that would most definitely have something to do with Feng Jiu. It's just, what is she up to that has caused such a powerful thunder?"

    As soon as he had spoken, he froze as he had thought of something: "What pill has she been refining recently? Could it be that the elixir has been refined successfully? An elixir that can cause thunder, that is....."
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