813 Alchemy Master Appeared Upon Elixir Success

    As the two men looked at each other, they saw the shock in their eyes. In the next instant, they hurried off in the direction of the Alchemy Peak. At the same time, the sky thundered down two more claps of thunder.....

    The lowest ranking of elixir that would cause thunder was a fifth-order elixir. She had only been practising alchemy for less than a year. Could she really have mastered refining a fifth-order elixir? When they thought of this possibility, the two men hearts shuddered with waves of shock.

    If that were really the case, his talent was too astounding.

    At the same time, in another courtyard at the main peak, Mo Chen had also seen the thunder rain down the alchemy peak. His eyes widened, he got up and headed in the direction of the alchemy peak immediately.

    As Guan Xilin and Ye Jing knew that the thunder was caused by Feng Jiu, they had also made their way to the Alchemy Peak to find out what had happened. Of course the two Alchemy teachers would not miss out on this. Even the Alchemy Master that no one had ever seen made his way there.

    Actually, the Alchemy Master had arrived at Feng Jiu's cave dwelling faster than anyone else. It was because when the elixir had been successfully formed, the strong scent of medicinal fragrance dispersed through the air. Coupled with the thunder from the sky, he had known instantly that a fifth-order or higher elixir had been formed. Therefore, he had rushed to Feng Jiu's residence at the first instance.

    Feng Jiu had held out the three elixir pills in her palm and looked at them. Two had been successfully formed, but the third pill have become some strange pill yet again. She placed it into space.

    "After researching for so long, I have finally succeeded." She looked at the lines on the two elixir pills in detail, and then at the breath that hovered above the pills, and felt even more satisfied.

    "One pill will be sent to elder sister, and I shall keep the other pill here! Now that I have successfully refined the Beauty Pill, I can make some adjustments and make another elixir that will turn Grandpa young." The more she spoke to herself, the more excited she got. She was just thinking that she should make use of all this energy she had to refine a Youth Reversing Pill that men could take when she heard a voice shouting outside. She had then quickly kept the pills and then came outside.

    "Who is it?"

    Her hair was messy and her academy uniform was creased, she also had patches of black soot on her face as she walked out. She had brought along with her a strong scent of medicinal fragrance that dispersed through the air.

    "So you are Feng Jiu?" The middle aged man looked Feng Jiu up and down with a frown.

    "Yes. And you are?" She nodded and scratched her head as she tried to tidy her hair a little to try to look a bit more presentable. However, she didn't realise that her bad her appearance was at this moment.

    "I am Huang Alchemy Master of the Alchemy Peak. Are you the person who has refined a fifth order elixir? Show it to me quickly." His tone of voice was urgent and his expression anxious.

    Feng Jiu hadn't thought much of his reaction. She thought that he was just excited that she had refined a fifth-order elixir and wanted to take a look. Therefore, she took out a bottle and shook out a pill to show him.

    "It's five..."

    Her palm was opened and she was about to tell him about the properties and effects of the elixir when he had snatched the elixir from her open palm. Upon seeing this, she frowned but didn't say a word.

    "It is a fifth-order elixir, has ice flower been added to the fragrance? And there is also the fragrance of Eustoma. Good, very good! The colour, the breath, it's absolutely unique, just great, really great....."

    As he spoke, he walked away with the elixir, like he had intended to take the elixir with him. Feng Jiu watched on with a confused look on her face, her eyebrows furrowed.
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