815 From Male To Female

    "Headmaster, I didn't steal his elixir. I am just taking it back to study it." His expression gloomy from being told off by the Headmaster in front of so many people.

    "What do you mean by study it? That is Feng Jiu's elixir. Has he given you permission? If he hasn't given you permission and you've taken it, then you're robbing! Huang Alchemy Master, don't forget that you are an Alchemy Master, act like one!" The Headmaster shouted angrily, his expression filled with disgust. He had not expected to arrive here to witness something that would make him feel so ashamed.

    If he hadn't come out, he would not have known that such a matter happened under his nose. If the said student was just an ordinary student, then so be it, who would dare offend an Alchemy Master?

    "It's okay. Since Huang Alchemy Master wants to take it to study, then let him! But..." Her eyes shifted as she sealed his acupoints in an instant and took the elixir from his palm. She smiled and said: "Instead of taking the elixir to study it, I feel that only by ingesting it will you be able to fully understand its properties and effects."

    As soon as she had finished speaking, without giving anyone the opportunity to stop her, she had stuffed the elixir into his mouth.

    Everyone was shocked as they stared at Huang Alchemy Master who had swallowed the elixir unwillingly. They watched as Feng Jiu then clapped his hands to unlock his acupoints. They stared at each other speechless.

    Wasn't that a fifth-order elixir? How could he give it to him so casually to eat? A fifth-order elixir was very rare to obtain from the outside markets. Each pill was priceless. And yet, he just fed it to him.

    "You, you, Feng Jiu, you are so willful....."

    As he spoke, his voice had turned into a feminine woman's voice and gave Huang Alchemy Master a shock. He covered his mouth quickly, but as he did so, he felt his beard fall off.

    His face paled as he touched his chin again. He hadn't much beard to begin with, but it had all fallen off, and even his pores had disappeared. Even as he touched his chin, it didn't feel like it had been just shaven. Instead, his skin felt more tender, softer and smoother.

    "What, what the hell is your elixir?"

    At this point, his male voice had completely disappeared, and instead was replaced by a sharp woman's voice. His adam's apple had also disappeared. Gradually, his body was also undergoing changes that shocked everyone...

    Everyone stared in shock and horror at the pale faced Huang Alchemy Master. They watched as his beard fell off and he became more youthful looking. But the main point was that as he became more youthful, he also became more feminine.

    He had looked like a middle-aged man in his forties, though not strong and burly, but neither did he look weak and frail. However, at present, Huang Alchemy Master's body had undergone a major change. His waist was now that of a woman's slender waist, and a bulge had formed on his chest, turning his body into that of a woman. His skin was so smooth that most women couldn't even compare.

    As everyone looked on, their jaws dropped and they were all dumbfounded...

    Guan Xilin who was initially angered was startled when he saw a man turn into a woman. After he recovered from his shock, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.
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