816 Good Figure

    "Hahahaha... he's turned into a woman? Hahahaha... serves him right, He deserves it!"

    Following Guan Xilin's laughter, the students who had been attracted by the sounds of thunder started discussing between themselves.

    "Hey, what sort of elixir is that? It can actually turn a man into a woman? Look at Huang Alchemy Master, he's even grown breasts like a woman."

    "Gosh! It's unbelievable! I've never heard of an elixir that can change a person's sex."

    "Exactly. I'm afraid he might not be able to change back to a man in the future. What sort of elixir is that? It's so strange."

    "Huang Alchemy Master is an Alchemy Master, surely he will be able to solve the problem?"

    "I'm not sure if he can solve the problem. But just look at him now, it's hilarious. It's not that bad for a man to have no beard, but to grow breasts? That is just too strange."

    "The elixir made by Feng Jiu is just too powerful. Just look what it did to a man. Can you imagine how beautiful a woman would become if she took the pill? And haven't you noticed that Huang Alchemy Master has become younger too?"

    "Yeah, if I could bring one pill back for my mother, she would be over the moon."

    "If I had a pill to give to my Zhou Xuan Senior-sister, she would become even more beautiful. She might even accept my feelings for her."

    "Didn't you hear that this is a fifth-order elixir? It's very valuable!"

    After the shock had passed, everyone could see the benefits of the elixir and they were all keenly interested about it. However, it was a fifth-order elixir, it wasn't something that they could obtain easily.

    An example was right in front of their eyes. Huang Alchemy Master and held the highest rank in the Alchemy Division. However, the strange Feng Jiu hadn't cared that it was a fifth-order elixir and just shoved it into his mouth.

    So now, a man had been turned into a woman.

    Amongst everyone's shock and Huang Alchemy Master's panic and embarrassment, Feng Jiu looked on nonchalantly, like she was only testing out the elixir and nothing more.

    When she saw Huang Alchemy Master's water snake-like body, porcelain-like skin and looked twenty years younger, she nodded her head with satisfaction: "Not bad, I didn't expect the elixir to have such a good effect. It's just a pity that is has been used on a man. If it were to be used on a woman, she would no doubt turn into a fairy-like beauty."

    "Feng Jiu, you better give me the antidote! Reverse the effects!" Huang Alchemy Master shrieked in panic and anger. When his hand accidentally touched his formally flat chest and realised they now become two soft mounds, his face turned beet-red.

    "I'm sorry, I've only just refined this elixir. I have no antidote." Feng Jiu's arms spread out as she spoke casually: "Besides, most of my elixirs have no antidotes. Don't be so ungrateful Huang Alchemy Master. You've reaped the benefits and yet you are shouting at me. You have become decades younger!"

    As she was talking, she couldn't help but laugh. She looked at his face and body and smiled: "Feel for yourself. You've not only become younger, but your skin has become, fairer, smoother and more tender. I think that if you changed into women's clothing and walked out, you'd turn quite a few heads and no one would even know that you are actually a man. I'm serious."

    Upon hearing this, Huang Alchemy Master's face paled even more. As he pictured that scenario, the thought of dying crossed his mind.
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