817 Pay For My Elixir

    "Headmaster, Headmaster look at what's happened to me. This is all Feng Jiu's fault. Headmaster, he refined the elixir, he must know how to make the antidote. Headmaster....." He walked over and stood in front of the Headmaster and held on to him in the hope that he would give Feng Jiu and order to make an antidote.

    The Headmaster looked at his figure and couldn't help but shiver a little. He coughed and pushed away his hand, then looked at Feng Jiu to say something. But before he could open his mouth, Feng Jiu spoke.

    "Headmaster, it has taken me so much research and effort to refine this elixir, and now it has been eaten by one of your men. As Nebula Academy's Headmaster, shouldn't you pay me for the elixir?" Feng Jiu asked with a smile on her face.

    Upon hearing this, the Headmaster blinked and replied: "I saw you shove the elixir into his mouth. Why are you asking me for payment instead?"

    "That is a fifth-order elixir, and I have used no less than a hundred precious medicinal herbs to refine. I won't even go into how much has been wasted, but it hasn't been easy making this elixir. The Alchemy Master under your leadership snatched my elixir after shouting at me and refused to give it back to me. I had intended to gift that elixir to someone. I don't even know if he had washed his hands after going to the toilet, what use have I got for the elixir after he's touched it? Who would I give it to if not him? Unless you had wanted it for yourself Headmaster?"

    She raised her eyebrows, a hint of playfulness in her tone as she stared at the Headmaster who she had angered so much he blew out at his beard.

    As he looked at the Alchemy Master who now looked neither like a man or a woman, he shivered and said: "Make him the antidote. The Deputy Headmaster will bring you whatever medicinal herbs you need later on."

    "It can't be helped."

    She spread out her arms: "I won't make the antidote and I can't make the antidote either. This is for Huang Alchemy Master to research by himself and he can make the antidote! Since he is so interested in the elixir, it was a good idea for him to experience it and no one would know better than him the properties of the Nutritional Pill."

    "Feng Jiu, are you not afraid that you will be expelled from the academy?"

    In that moment, Huang Alchemy Master felt panic in his heart as he looked at Feng Jiu's expression, he realised that she really had no intention of making the antidote for him. Make the antidote himself? Could he even refine it? He had no confidence that he would be successful.

    When she heard what he said, Feng Jiu's eyes turned cold and she said with a sneer: "Headmaster, other than paying me for the elixir, I also demand accountability. My elixir was robbed from me by the academy's Alchemy Master, if this kind of behaviour is not punished, how would I dare to continue practising alchemy here? Next time, it will be someone else who will rob me of my elixir which I had painstakingly made."

    When the students heard this, they all stared at Huang Alchemy Master and pointed at him with words of contempt coming out of their mouths.

    Seeing this, the Headmaster exhaled deeply and replied: "Huang Alchemy Master, your behaviour today is unethical. By right, you should be expelled from the academy. However, due to your contributions to the academy over the years, I will strip you of your position within the academy and you will stay in isolation for three years to reflect on your actions and research making the antidote."


    He felt like the sky had just collapsed onto him as he fell to the ground. If he had known, he wouldn't have given in to his greed.....

    "Feng Jiu, you also need to have more restraint and stop causing trouble." The Headmaster looked like he had a headache as he instructed in a calm voice.
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