818 Regret Is Useless

    "How did I cause trouble? He is the one who came to mine stirring up trouble." She pursed her lips and looked at the Deputy Headmaster with a smile: "Deputy Headmaster, shall we go and get the medicinal herbs now?"

    The Deputy Headmaster looked at her then nodded and replied: "Let's go then!"

    Everyone's gaze fell on Huang Alchemy Master who was sat on the ground. After they looked at him up and down, they departed with a chuckle.

    The Headmaster looked at the changed Huang Alchemy Master and sighed: "What do you want me to say to you? There are so many students in the academy and you had to mess with her. Quickly, go back and find a way to remedy it! The way you look now, it's better if you don't go out too much, it's..."

    He was unable to continue speaking. If one hadn't known, it wouldn't be so bad. He actually did look like a woman if he changed his clothes. However, they knew Huang Alchemy Master well, and when they looked at him now, they just felt awkward.

    They were unable to look at him for long as they didn't know what to say.

    The Headmaster also shook his head and departed. There were only Guan Xilin and Ye Jing who remained with the three beasts, and Huang Alchemy Master who was still at a loss.....

    The Deputy Headmaster who had gone to get medicinal herbs with Feng Jiu returned to the main peak after about two hours. When he came face to face with the Headmaster, he couldn't help but wipe off beads of sweat.

    "You're back so soon? Has Feng Jiu's medicinal herbs all been picked?" The Headmaster was playing chess with Mo Chen.

    The Deputy Headmaster looked at him and opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say.

    "What's the matter? If you have something to say then say it, don't stutter." The Headmaster looked at the Deputy Headmaster in amusement and then said to Mo Chen: "Your turn."

    The Deputy Headmaster hesitated, then took out a piece of paper from within his sleeve and handed it across: "This, this it the list of medicinal herbs that she has taken."

    The Headmaster looked at him before he took the piece of paper. As he read through the list, his eyes opened wide: "This bandit! She has taken so many ancient herbs, and double in quantities. She might as well as have robbed us!"

    Pain showed in his face as he gripped the piece of paper tightly in his fist. He screamed inside, this prodigal, if she went a few more times to pick herbs, she would have taken all the precious medicinal herbs the academy had!

    Upon seeing this, Mo Chen took the piece of paper and quickly glanced at the list and said in a slow and gentle voice: "She really knows what to pick. No doubt she has taken back interest on top of the ingredients for one elixir pill"

    "I knew that there would be trouble when we met her." The Headmaster shook his head and took a sip of tea to calm down.

    "Headmaster, are you going to leave Huang Alchemy Master as he is?"

    When the Deputy Headmaster asked the Headmaster the question, he couldn't help but look at Mo Chen. He was also an alchemist, not just that, but he was a senior level alchemist. Maybe he could reverse the effects of the elixir. But it would not be easy to ask for his help.

    "Let him suffer the consequences of his own actions. Just leave him alone. He is a Master Alchemist, if he is unable to come up with an antidote, then he will just have to remain like this forever." When he thought about how much precious medicinal herbs he had lost because of him, he only felt heartache. Naturally, he didn't have any good vibes towards Huang Alchemy Master. Hence, he didn't care if he had to live the rest of his life in a woman's body.

    Mo Chen spoke without raising his head: "One must bear the consequences of their own actions. Regret is useless."
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