823 Little Hell’s Lord

    The two gatekeepers were eavesdropping on the conversation. When they heard this, their expressions were odd as they looked at Feng Jiu who was dressed in red robes. Their gaze looked even more bewildered as they looked at him. Never had they thought that this handsome young man would be gay.

    After listening to Gray Wolf's words, Feng Jiu glanced at him and then at the young child and asked: "Who is he? Why did you bring him here?"

    "He is....." Gray Wolf stopped, then grinned and continued: "Master asked me to bring him to you. He said that you have to protect him."

    When she heard this, she frowned: "Is his situation not ideal at the moment? It's already been a year. Has his problems not been resolved yet?"

    "It's not that easy. It's because his situation isn't ideal at the moment, that's why he can't look after him. He said that he will only be reassured if he is by your side, that's why I have travelled thousands of miles to bring him to you."

    Gray Wolf spoke with a smile and wiped off the cold sweat: "Master cannot be without me. I have been delayed by this trip. Now that I have delivered the person, I shall be on my way."

    Before he gave Feng Jiu a chance to reply, he came to the young boy's side quickly and said: "You will follow her from now on. I am leaving now." He flew off immediately after he had spoken to the young boy.

    Feng Jiu was stunned when she saw that he had left in a hurry and shouted: "Gray Wolf! You bastard! Come back and explain it to me!"

    That bastard, she'd not seen him in over a year and wanted to ask about his Master! Instead, he had actually left this little child with her and ran off? What's the matter with him? She held back her anger and looked over at the little child who was standing in an adult's posture glaring at her. She couldn't help but stare at him.

    "Little guy, come here."

    Even though she was furious, when she looked at the little boy whose face was a carbon copy of Moze, she couldn't help but not be annoyed. Even her voice was softer when she spoke to him, as if she was afraid of scaring the young child.

    The child looked at her and thought about it before he walked over to her. When he saw that he wasn't even at her waist height, his face darkened with displeasure.

    "What's your name?" She knelt down so that she was face to face with him.

    "Little Hell's Lord." His tone of voice softened.

    As she looked at his delicate face and his hand keeping him steady, Feng Jiu couldn't help but smile: "Little Hell's Lord? Have you been called that because you are too mischievous? I am asking you what your name is, not what your nickname is."

    She wondered as she looked at the child, after she married Xuanyuan Moze, would their children look like this? However, this child looked exactly like him, was he really not his illegitimate child?

    He glanced at her and said: "Hell's Lord." The soft voice only that of a three to four year old child had.

    Feng Jiu's forehead furrowed with lines across it but didn't ask again. She had originally planned to go to the Black Market. However, she had now gained a child, so it was not quite suitable. Instead she asked with a smile: "Then Little Hell's Lord, are you hungry? Do you want to go and get some food?"
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