1042 Missing

    The group of men entered the city and headed towards the Luo Residence. As they walked through the most prosperous street of the city, Luo Fei who was walking up ahead with Duan Ye and the rest looked back and signaled to the cultivators. He then spoke to Duan Ye and the rest and his pace quickened.

    When the cultivators saw his signal, they waited for a while, then pressed a mechanism on the sedan chair. There was a sound of a click, and even Duan Ye and the rest up ahead had turned around to look. However, nothing happened.

    Luo Fei, who was also walking up ahead, looked back, secretly surprised. He slowed down and came up to the sedan chair saying: \"Teacher?\"

    When Duan Ye and the rest saw this, they looked at each other and also slowed their pace, and came to the side of the sedan chair. When they saw Luo Feng calling out, they couldn't help but look at him strangely and asked: \"What did you do?\"

    Luo Fei looked at them and called out again: \"Teacher? Teacher Feng?\" When there was no answer, he opened the curtain and looked inside. He was startled at what he saw.

    \"Where is he?\"

    When Duan Ye and the rest saw this, they were also shocked. They stared at the empty sedan chair dumbfoundedly.

    The cultivators who were carrying the sedan chair were also stunned and looked inside once they had put the sedan chair down. They said: \"I don't know! We didn't see him get off the sedan chair.\"

    \"You set up a secret mechanism in the sedan chair?\" Song Ming asked Luo Fei: \"What the hell were you thinking?\"

    \"Even my secret mechanism can't make a person disappear! Speaking of which, where has he disappeared to?\" He was confused as he didn't know when the person in the sedan chair had disappeared.

    \"Find him! You've lost a person for goodness sake! What is your problem?\" Song Ming shoved him and said angrily: \"Hurry up and find him.\"

    \"How do you expect me to find him? Go back to look? Could he have gotten off the sedan chair when we entered the city? We can turn back and ask around.\" Saying that, Luo Fei started running back with the others hot on his heels. On their way, they asked the people they passed if they had seen a person with a beast.

    At the same time, Feng Jiu was holding Cloud Devouring in her arms, standing outside the Luo Residence. When she saw that the main door was open, the corners of her lips twitched as she couldn't help but reveal a smile.

    An old man walked up and asked Feng Jiu with a smile: \"Is Young Master here to look for our Young Master?\"

    \"I am here to see the Master of your house.\" Feng Jiu replied.

    \"Young Master, please come this way with me.\" The old man said with a smile and invited Feng Jiu into the residence. At the same time, he said: \"Our Young Master said that he is expecting some friends today, that's why I thought that you are one of our Young Master's friends earlier.\"

    \"Well, I have already met your Young Master. He came to meet us outside of the city. However, he is probably still behind. He will probably be back later. \" Feng Jiu chuckled lightly as she walked at a leisurely pace into the residence, stroking Cloud Devouring's soft fur at the same time.

    \"Our Master and Madam are waiting inside as they heard that the Young Master has friends visiting. I apologise that our Young Master isn't here to greet you. However, our Master and Madam will be delighted to see you.\" The caretaker brought Feng Jiu to the front hall and said: \"Mister please wait here momentarily. I will go inside to ask my Master and Madam to come out.\"

    \"Okay.\" She nodded and sat down.

    The old man hurried away to report his arrival. Not long after, Master Luo and Madam Luo came out together. When they saw the figure in red sitting in the front hall, their eyes lit up and they couldn't help but let out an exclamation of praise.

    What a handsome and outstanding young man.
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