824 Stay In The Same Room As You

    "Mm." He nodded his head and looked at her, his exquisite little face blushed, he blinked reached out for her hand.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu smiled. She bent down and picked him up: "Would you like to ride on this white horse?" However, the little boy held on to her neck tightly.

    "Not riding the horse."

    "That's okay. Shall I carry you then?" She figured that a three or four year old child was just afraid of the strange horse like Old White.

    The little child lay his head on her shoulders, his arms wrapped around her neck tightly. His eyes were a strange colour as a smile flashed across his face. However, no one had noticed this.

    Feng Jiu sent Old White back while she took out her flying feather to take her and the little boy to the kitchen to see what there was to eat. They took some food and returned to her cave dwelling and sat down by the stone table.

    "Okay, sit down and have some food first! Then you can tell me everything." She sat down with the little boy then retrieved the food from space and placed it on the table. When all was settled, she looked at the little boy.

    The boy looked at her without speaking, proceeded to eat the food.

    Feng Jiu sat with one hand on her cheek staring at the boy. The more she looked at him, the more she found that he was exactly like Xuanyuan Moze. However, she didn't really believe that he was his illegitimate child.

    After all, uncle had fainted the first time they met when she had accidentally kissed him. She hadn't really meant it when she said he was his illegitimate child.

    But, younger brother? She didn't believe that either. Otherwise Gray Wolf wouldn't have ran away so quickly. He was afraid that she would ask him more questions.

    "So, beautiful little boy, tell elder sister, what is your relationship to uncle? If you tell elder sister, I will take you to buy sweets. How about that?" It was like she was the big bad wolf coaxing the little lamb, trying to see if the child would talk.

    Who would have known, the little boy had just sat there gracefully eating. He hadn't even raised his eyes to look at her. She was slightly taken aback by his straight posture.

    Secret: He was well and truly a descendent from the Eight Great Empires. Even as a three or four year old boy, she was in awe of his mannerisms and demeanour.

    After a long while, he had finished eating and licked his lips then looked at Feng JIu and said: "Water."

    She had gone into the cave dwelling and poured him a cup of water. She watched as he drank the cup of water like a little grown up, sat upright, looking at her. She was speechless.

    She suddenly felt that with a little child around, she had become very busy.

    She saw him looking at her cave dwelling and said to him: "Shall I take you inside and show you where I live?"


    He answered, then slid off the stool and followed her inside. Finally, they came to Feng Jiu's bedroom, it was actually quite spacious inside.

    "There's just me in here. Tell you what, let me tidy up and I will make a stone room for you."

    "No need, I will just stay in the same room as you."

    After his immature voice said those words, his delicate face became taught and the tips of his ears reddened. His eyes refused to meet Feng Jiu's, instead, they were fixed on the alchemy room.

    "Stay in the same room as me?" Feng Jiu stared at the little boy in shock.
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