825 His Child Is So Big Now

    "My bedroom only has one bed."

    "I am only small, I won't take up much space." His expression hadn't changed when he spoke. His little hand twirled around his back as he continued: "In the future, wherever you go, you will have to take me with you."

    Feng Jiu stared at him puzzled, she had some doubts and questions and was about to ask him something when a voice called from outside.

    "Feng Jiu, Feng Jiu, Headmaster wants you to go to the Main Peak."

    She came outside and saw that it was someone from the Main Peak and replied: "Okay, I will go later on."

    After the man left, she turned around and said to the little boy: " I have to go out for a little while, you....."

    Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted.

    "I will go with you." Before she could say anything, his little hand held on to her sleeve.

    As she looked at the little child who was grabbing onto her sleeve, she couldn't help but smile: "Okay, let's go together! Besides, I have to inform the Headmaster that I have now have you too."

    She flew with him on her flying feather to the Main Peak. When she had arrived at the Headmaster's courtyard, she noticed that the Deputy Headmaster and Mo Chen were also there. As they looked at her walking over, their eyes unanimously moved to the three or four year old boy who was walking behind her.

    "Where did this child come from?"

    The Headmaster asked as he looked at the exquisite looking little boy up and down. He didn't know why, but he felt that the little boy had outstanding looks and above ordinary mannerisms. Just by standing there, he was like a sharp sword waiting to be drawn.

    He was just a little child, and yet seemed to have no fear being in this place. He was like a little grown up stood there with his hands folded, his chin slightly raised as he looked at them.

    Oh, no, his eyes had only glazed past the himself and the Deputy Headmaster briefly and moved to the white-clad Mo Chen. He looked at him up and down with curiosity in his eyes.

    Mo Chen had also felt that since the little boy had entered the room, his sharp eyes landed on him and he had continued to stare at him. Seeing this, he was slightly surprised and looked back at the little boy, but found that he couldn't see through him.

    Even though he was only a young boy three or four years of age, he possessed a powerful sense of prestige and force that made ones heart tremble. He was obviously just a child, but the coldness that penetrated from his eyes was daunting.

    The exquisiteness of this little boy was extreme. Even if he was from a prestigious family, or even the Royal family, it was rare to see such an outstanding little boy.

    "Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, this is Ling Mohan's.....son." She changed her mind at the last minute and said that he was uncle's son.

    "Mohan? You know him too?" The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster were slightly surprised to hear a name that hadn't been mentioned for a long time.

    "Yes, we have met on several occasions." She nodded with a smile: "He sent someone over to say that he had some matters to attend to and left his son with me to take care of on his behalf. As he was once a teacher here, he didn't think that Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster would mind."

    The little boy's eyes twitched. He raised his head to look up at her and stood there quietly.

    The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster were dumbfounded by what they heard. They looked at the child and laughed lightly: "He did teach here for a short while. But it has been a long time since he had left. We thought that he had gone somewhere else. Who knew, his child is so big now."
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