827 It’s Bath Time

    After they left the main peak, the little guy pursed his lips and asked: "Who is the man dressed in white robes?"

    When Feng Jiu heard this, she was a little startled. She asked with a smile: "You mean Mo Chen? He is supposed to be the disciple of the Sky Master. Why? Do you think he looks a bit like a disgraced celestial being?"

    "He's just a gigolo." He said, his face taut.

    "Oh! A gigolo? They're not that good looking are they?" She laughed lightly but noticed that the little guy's expression was looking gloomier and gloomier. She couldn't help but found it amusing and reached out to pinch his skin and smiled jokingly: "But he's not as handsome as you. You are just so adorable."

    Upon hearing this, the little boy's anger had subsided and the tips of his ears turned pink. His eyes glanced over at her with a little pride in them and he looked away: "Don't praise me with such superficial words."

    Although his childish voice was tense, he couldn't hide the smile that showed between his eyebrows and slightly upturned lips. It was obvious that he was happy on the inside but he didn't want to show it.

    "You're just a child of three or four years of age and yet you act like an adult. Are all the children like you where you're from?"

    She stared at the little child beside her and felt that other than his miniature body and childish voice, his temperament was not like a child's at all.

    "You can stop asking me, I won't tell you." He snorted and walked away from her.

    She looked at the little boy walking with his little hands folded over. She raised her eyebrows and chuckled, then followed him into the cave dwelling.

    As her elixir has been made, the whole academy was on vacation. Nebula Academy was empty other than a few teachers who hadn't gone home and the Headmaster. Therefore, she wanted to go home for a visit.

    After she returned to the cave dwelling with the little guy, she asked: "What do you think about me sending you to my house?" However, not soon after she said those words, the little guy reacted in intense rage and anger.

    "You dare!"

    He glared at her with an angry expression on his face. Even though he was obviously angry, but his childish voice took away some of the anger, and he really didn't sound that lethal.

    "If you dare to leave me at home, I will run away. When you can't find me or if something were to happen to me, we shall see how you will explain it."

    "But I intend to walk around, it's troublesome taking you with me." She frowned as she said this, surprised at his overreaction.

    "I will only follow you and go nowhere else!" He repeated his standpoint and glared at her with his piercing black eyes.

    As she looked back at the eyes that glared at her, Feng Jiu rubbed her nose. Deja Vu. She felt as if it was Xuanyuan Moze who was glaring at her and a wave of guilty conscience swept over her.

    In the end, Feng Jiu compromised. After all, Gray Wolf had brought the little child from so far away, he must be very important. Besides, it was because Xuanyuan Moze was unable to care for him, that's why he had sent him to her. If she had left him at Phoenix Empire, she would have felt uneasy as well. He was too special.

    On this day, outside the cave dwelling, an adult and a child chatted away. Mostly, Feng Jiu asked the questions and the little guy just listened and didn't reply.

    Evening came and Feng Jiu ran a tub of water for the little boy to have a bath in. She beckoned for him to go over: "Come over, it's bath time."
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