828 Nothing To Look A

    Upon hearing this, the little boy's exquisite face flushed red. His beautiful eyes were fixed on her as he said: "I can bathe myself, you go out."

    "You can bathe yourself? You're so small you can't even climb into the bathtub! Come over quickly, after you're done I want to have a bath too!" She tested the water, it was just nice.

    "No!" He refused bluntly: "I want to bathe myself, you go out."

    "You little rascal, you should feel privileged that I want to bathe you and not refuse. You don't want me to bathe you? Hehe, I will insist on bathing you." She laughed lowly and her grin resembled that of a big wolf. The little guy's goosebumps raised when he heard her laugh. He stepped backwards and turned around to run away.

    "Where are you running to? You think you can run away on my turf?" Feng Jiu strode across and reached across to grab the little guy.

    "Let me go woman. What are you doing?" He shouted out as he struggled against her. But when a big slap landed on his buttocks, his face turned red and he was overwhelmed.

    "Don't mess around, if you fall in I won't care!" Feng Jiu hadn't thought much of it, he was just a little brat. It was just a slap on his buttocks. She took the opportunity to undress the little guy while he was quiet and had stopped struggling.

    "You actually undressed me!"

    The little guy's face was incredibly red, and when he realised that he was bare naked in front of a woman, he hurriedly covered his private parts. He was frozen and didn't know what to do.

    "No need to cover up, you're just three or four years old. There's nothing to see."

    However, after she said that, she saw the red string on his wrist and asked: "Why is this red string on your wrist?"

    The little boy answered awkwardly: "I asked the people who looked after me to tie it on for me, it's not that one."

    "People who looked after you tied it? It looks very similar to mine! Let me see......" She put him in the bathtub and was about to take his hand to have a look when he shrank away.

    "It's tied by the people who looked after me, so it's the same. If not, then why would I want it tied? I've seen yours, but it is much bigger." The little boy was sat on the stool in the bathtub and stuck his hands into the water, refusing to bring them back up.

    Upon hearing what he said, Feng Jiu nodded: "I suppose mine is just an ordinary safety blessing string and it can't be enlarged and reduced in size. Yours is much smaller than my string. However, the weaving is so similar to mine that when I saw it then I thought it was mine."

    The little guy pursed his lips and looked at her in silence.

    "Okay okay, the water is getting cold. Let me bathe you." She rolled up her sleeves then took the bath towel and started to wash his back. She could feel his stiffness and nervousness and couldn't help but smile as she asked: "What? Doesn't anyone bathe you at home? Don't tell me you know how to wash yourself at such a young age."

    She nudged his body and said: "Relax, I won't eat you."

    The little guy stared at her, his dark eyes fixed on her thinking of something, but what? After a long time, his face flushed red and he said: "You need to take responsibility."

    Feng Jiu couldn't help but chuckle when she heard this and replied: "There's nothing to look at, what do you want me to take responsibility for? Get up, the water is cold now. If you continue bathing you might fall sick."

    She wrapped him up in a large bath towel and placed him on the bed in her bedroom.
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