829 Sleep In The Same Bed

    "Where are your clothes?"

    "I can put them on by myself." He rolled up the big bath towel. Even though there was nothing to see, like she said, he was still embarrassed to show his body.

    "Do you know how to?" She seemed doubtful.


    He spoke with a straight face and looked at her warily for fear that she would pull away his bath towel in a moment of curiosity.

    "Well, okay then, put them on by yourself. But I will dry your hair for you." She then turned around to get the bath towel.

    When he saw her leave, the little guy breathed a sigh of relief and put on his inner robes quickly. He then sat down on the bed to wait for her to return.

    When Feng Jiu returned with the bath towel and saw that he had put on his inner robes, she exclaimed: "Not bad, you're quite fast." She then rubbed his wet hair with the bath towel and when she was done, she told him: "If you are tired, you can go to sleep."

    "Okay." He responded. His eyes were fixed on her.

    "What? Do you have something to say?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrow and asked with a smile.

    The little guy laid down on the bed and pulled the blanket over himself. He closed his eyes and ignored her. When he heard the retreating footsteps, he opened his eyes. There was a twinkle in his eyes and a touch of gentleness and joy as he breathed in the faint fragrance on her blanket. He drifted off to sleep breathing in her scent.

    After her bath, Feng Jiu walked in wearing her inner robe and drying her hair at the same time. When she saw that the little guy had fallen asleep on the outer side of the bed, she shook her head and smiled as she moved him inside.

    However, when she leaned down to shift him, the sleeping child's eyes opened suddenly and the sharpness in his eyes surprised her. At that moment, it seemed like the child was about to attack her. But when he saw her, the sharpness in his eyes had disappeared and it returned to its previous look.

    "You've finished bathing?" The childish voice asked sleepily.

    "Yes." She looked at him and said: "You sleep on the inside and I will sleep on the outside."

    "I am a man, so I should sleep on the outside. You are a woman, so you should sleep on the inside."

    When she heard the childish voice tell her that he is a man, she couldn't help but smile: "I am an adult and you are a child. If you sleep on the outside and roll over, you will fall out of bed. Be a good boy and sleep on the inside."

    He thought about it and then shifted inside. He patted the space where he had been sleeping on and said: "I've warmed the bed for you. Come to bed!"

    The corners of her mouth twitched as she glanced at him and got into bed. She asked: "Who taught you about this? How do you even know what's warming the bed?" She pulled the blanket over her as she spoke. She yawned and said to him: "Go to sleep, we have an early start tomorrow morning."

    "Okay." The little guy responded and turned to face her. His little hand had stretched out and he placed it on her waist. He then closed his eyes with satisfaction and went to sleep.

    His casual intimacy startled Feng Jiu. She had already closed her eyes, but opened them again and glanced at the little guy who had intimately placed his hand around her. Her heart tugged at this sight.

    The feeling this little guy gave her was really strange. She felt like something was wrong but she couldn't pinpoint what it was.

    She shook her head and didn't think any further. As she was sleepy, she soon fell asleep with the little guy lying next to her....

    At dawn, she opened her eyes and felt a hand on her waist. It had taken her a moment before she realised it whose it belonged to. She looked down at the child's delicate sleeping face.
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