830 Coming home to celebrate the New Year

    He awakened after sensing a scrutinizing gaze coming his way. As soon as he opened his eyes, he met her surprised eyes. Seeing her stare, he didn't make any movement and kept looking at her.

    While they were looking at each other, something stirred in Feng Jiu's heart. There was a familiar feeling that then brought about an inconceivable idea in her mind. She was startled stiff. After staring at him for a long time, she finally moved her lips and called out, "Uncle?"

    The little guy's eyes jolted a bit but he didn't respond to her. He was still looking at her with his ink-black eyes.

    "Xuanyuan Mo Ze?" She called again, fixing her gaze at his eyes, not missing his expression.

    The child's lips moved as if about to say something. Then, he heard something like a soliloquy and forcibly swallowed the words on his lips.

    "It shouldn't be possible. It's one thing to get old. How can you turn into a little child?" She murmured, suppressing the strange feeling in her heart. Putting away the strange idea, she sat up, went to wash in a partitioned part of the room and quickly dressed.

    Seeing her getting up, he propped his head with one hand while reclining in bed languidly. His body exuded an aura that didn't belong to a child. A smile flitted across his ink-black eyes, but Feng Jiu did not see it.

    About an hour later, they both finished washing up. Feng Jiu first went to the main peak to say goodbye to the headmaster and others. Then, she returned to the cave-dwelling and told the two beasts, "Old White stays to guard the cave with Little Black. Little Cloud Devouring Beast will go with me."

    "Mistress, why does Cloud Devouring Beast go out with you? I want to go, too." Old White kicked its hoof and snorted with a disapproving look.

    "Are there any other reason? You can't control your mouth, can I let you follow me?" Feng Jiu looked askance at the horse. "What's more, I plan to have Cloud Devouring Beast to keep watch at Little Hell's Lord. If I hand this matter over to you, I don't feel at ease."

    "Mistress..." The horse still wanted to speak, but Feng Jiu interrupted it with a wave of her hand.

    "All right, We're only going back for a few months, and then we'll return here. Or, if you want to follow us, you'll be left at home."

    'Then, I'd better wait here until Mistress comes back! I don't want to return to the Phoenix Empire." It was afraid that its Mistress really took it back and left it there. So, it retreated a few steps behind and laid on his stomach on the ground.

    However, Feng Jiu rubbed her chin, as if thinking about something. "What about going together! I'll send you to Little Bai there. Last time I heard, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua also came over. It's just the right time to take a look."

    "Really? I'm going, I'm going." "It excitedly stood up and leaned down in front of Feng Jiu and Little Hell's Lord. "Come on up. It's faster if I'm carrying you."

    "It's a winding path here. You and Cloud Devouring Beast should go and wait at the academy's gate. I'm taking this little guy on the Flying Feather."

    "Yes." The two beasts answered.

    After the beasts left, she then looked at the little guy beside her who had been silent. "Are you always this reticent? Aren't you happy that I'm taking you out to play?"

    Little Hell's Lord curved her lips, not changing his expression

    "All right! She shook her head helplessly, tossed the flying feather, and took him with her all the way to the gate of the academy.

    When she arrived at the gate, she descended from the flying feather. When she was about to leap on Old White's back with the Little Hell's Lord, she saw a figure came out.

    She originally didn't pay any attention, but then the man unexpectedly stood blocking their way after they were on the horse's back.

    "Are you going home? If not, where are you going?"
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