832 Shangguan Wanrou’s news

    "Just ignore them. You have to be open-minded. Treat those eyesores as air so that we won't trouble ourselves." She chuckled, rubbed his head and pressed him into her arms.

    "Alright, be obedient and don't throw temper tantrums. Later, when we enter the city, I'll buy you delicious food."

    Listening to her coaxing him like a child, he felt it both novel and sweet. His taut expression was also relaxed. After answering her with "Mm," he quietly leaned in her bosom.

    When they reached the city, in order to prevent Old White from causing trouble, she especially fastened a strip of cloth on its mouth. After entering the city centre, she had the horse slow its pace and go all the way to the black market.

    After reaching Black Market's gate and handing Old White over to the staff, she took Little Hell's Lord inside. Cloud Devouring Beast was following them.

    Hearing that Feng Jiu came, the Black Market Chief rushed out and personally welcomed her.

    "Young Master Jiu, I've sorted out all the information you need. Look, it's all here." After the Chief dismissed the crowd, he took out a stack of information and handed them to her.

    "It took me a great deal of effort to collect all this information according to the news you provided me, for it concerns the first-grade powerful country's aristocratic family. The Black Market had to go through some formalities to get hold of it."

    "I'm sorry to trouble you." She nodded with a smile, then opened the file while talking with the Chief on her side,

    "Shangguan family is an alchemy family. Among them, nobody could surpass Shangguan Wanrou. Her pill refining talent was the most outstanding. However, she lives in seclusion in the Shangguan family. Almost all the younger generations of the family have never met her."

    He paused for a moment. "We've made inquiries. From the data, we guessed that Shangguan Wanrou may be imprisoned."

    While listening to his explanation and then looking at the data, Feng Jiu's expression was not very good. Most of the information was about the Shangguan family. As for her mother Shangguan Wenrou's matters, there were only a few words. It could be seen that if not investigated by the Black Market's people, this news would not be known to outsiders.

    "Shangguan Wanrou never married in her whole life. Someone said that the Shangguan family was unwilling to marry off this daughter of high alchemist rank so that she can be used by the family. As far as we know, there were many who came to the Shangguan's residence to ask for Shangguan Wenrou's hand in marriage these years. However, they were rejected. Because she rarely appeared in front of people and the deliberate actions of the Shangguan's family, people have gradually forgotten about Shangguan Wanrou."

    Feng Jiu put the materials away and told the Black Market's Chief, "Apart from coming to get the materials, I have several bottles of elixirs and a pill for you to auction here."

    "Oh? What kind of elixirs and what kind of pill? " His eyes brightened. The things that came out from Ghost Doctor's hands were always out of ordinary. Knowing that she was studying alchemy, could the pill be successfully made in just one short year?

    She took out three bottles of potions and put them on the table. She took out another bottle and said, "These are advancing potions. Two of them can be used by Golden Core cultivators. The other one is only suitable for Nascent Soul cultivators. As for this bottle, there is only one pill, which is my newly made Beauty Pill."

    Next, she explained the effect of the Beauty Pill and the effect after taking it. Finally, she told him the base price for the auction.
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